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Thank goodness I have stumbled on this site, I thought I was the only Cack-handed player in the world. I am a beginner and thought all my mistakes was due to being CH. I can however reach an easy 200 meters but I tee off to my right all the time, thought I was handicapped with my CH method. I feel much more comfortable now and should look at other reasons why I am still all over the course... Thanks for the comments...made my day.    

  Hi Nico Take your right foot back slightly with your irons and always  play with a draw being cack handed. Always finish on a high and allow for the draw and it will happen. This will give you confidence knowing where the ball will go with control. Good luck  

I have problems slicing off the tee I use a 12 degree driver I also have problems with my low irons, I'm cack handed and play off 18 I had a good spell hitting the ball straight and now I'm slicing all the time any tips off another cack handed would great.

Scored a job at Turnberry and joined staff golf club. I didn't play much when I was younger, but thought I might as well try it now as it would be a waste not to take advantage of privalage of playing on an esteemed course and found out I'm cack handed as I thought my grip was okay. Tried the right way and feels like my arms will break. I hit the occasional straight ball teeing off cack handed but mostly crap, anybody got tips apart from changing grip or seeking pro help lol as I don't think changing grip going to help.

Guys, how about giving us a few photos of your grips. Take one photo of the right hand from the target side. and one from the down the line view and another from side on (in front of the chest) of both hands on the club. Make sure all 3 photo's are close ups so we can see how you are holding the club. I would be interested in analysing and giving you feedback. Thanks.  

Hi Guys  Seems we have the same inconsistent problems as the remainder of the golfing world. Have been playing cack handed  for over 40yrs .( Current handicap is 8 ). Driving has always been my strong point but recently short game has been causing issues ( sound familiar ? ) . Over the last year I have been working on a new swing plane trying to bring the club slightly on the inside . This seems to neutralise my wrists at contact with the ball and creates an open club face , producing a high draw. Confidence in your swing is the secret I feel . Remaining balanced over the ball and creating the same smooth swing each time will give consistent results . My current mental issue is with bunker play . Any solutions ?  Ps I always tell people I used to play tradition golf but found it too easy ! so I switch to cack handed . Enjoy   

I wonder Can a PGA pro really coach a cack hander? I would suggest no

I myself play that way and i was wondering if fellow golfers using this grip place their right thumb downwards on the shaft or do they wrap it around like a baseball grip? I have been placing my thumb down the shaft but am curious to what others are doing?

Did any of you cack handers start playing golf with a regular grip then switch or did you just pick the club up cack handed?   TALKING CACK!  (Seriously use this for your blog name, I will not say it again!)      

Hi all i play out of a very tough Links called Balyliffin in Co Donegal Ireland. i always played cack handed and only started playing seriously 2 years ago. i have gone from 21 to 14. our pro Gareth McCausland has no problem giving me lessons and actually was given a cack handed player in his final pga exam. everyone seems to have the same problem ,the dreaded slice of the tee. its not an easy fix but it is fixable. i was hitting a draw biased Callaway ft 9 11dgs ,was hitting it straight but was losing distance due to the height i was generating. the high ball flight is generated by dropping the right shoulder prior to impact ,thus increasing spin on the ball (hitting down on the ball rather than sweeping it of the tee) ,this is a natural motion using this grip. the slice is been caused by not turning over your hands (again natural to the grip) try keeping the back swing lower ,the shoulder straight and turn you hands over on impact.not easy but keep practising. and keeping the left hand straight is very important. i have now just switched to the new Titliest 913 ,stiff 9.5 in an attempt to gain distance as the wind at our place in killing me when in playing in to it. iv just got fitted for the club (by Gareth) and although the slice has returned (so far have only hit it on the range) i know i will sort it by practising.

Great thread, I am another Cack Handed golfer, been playing 5 or 6 years and Ive got my handicap down to 17. Like a lot of you other Cack Handers distance is not an issue for me and I average well over 250 yards with a 3 wood but I also have a slice issue and with a driver its horrible. I have had a couple of lessons , first guy at the scottish golf show basically told me to go away but my club pro is very good and gave me some good tips. These were backed up almost exactly by one of the pro's at gleneagles. The main reason I hit the ball with a slice is because of balance, I need to work on keeping my weight on my left leg as if I go on to my right then the slice will happen. 2nd tip i have had is to put the ball slightly further back in my stance. The longer the club the harder to balance hence why the driver is a problem. I like the stiff shaft tip that some of you have mentioned and I may try it once I have got to grips with my balance issue. so far its looking good on practice rounds and Im regularly going 6 or 7 holes in level or +1 .   Im not saying I will never change it but I'd like to see how I can progress the swing I have as my long game is not bad ( short game needs work )  

I've been playing cack handed since I started playing at about the age of 10, now 34. I've tried left handed clubs and a standard grip but neither felt right. Went to a pro for a lesson when I was 15 and he laughed and said he couldn't help unless I changed my grip.

I find that for distance I match my playing partners off the tee but that is only using a 5 wood. The slice I get when using a 3 wood or driver is horrendous. If I could hit the driver straight of the tee or control the slice more would help my game massively.

Any tips would be appreciated!

I recall an article in a golf mag where a teaching pro commented that he had two sons who were very good at the game. However whilst one got down to scratch the other with a cack handed grip could get no lower than 4. His problem was that he struggled to get the ball airborne with a cack handed grip. I guess it's because whith a conventional grip, right below left for a right hander, the right shoulder naturally lies lower than the left shoulder which helps to provide an upward blow which is ideal with the driver. With a cack handed grip the shoulders tend to do the opposite. The moral of the story is to adopt a conventional grip - painful though it is changing your grip.