Canterbury golf pro

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Canterbury golf pro

Anyone suggest a golf pro in this area ?



Use the internet! Post a video of your swing and we'll all give you something to work on!

Pro shop at Canterbury are doing some packages atm. I've been going for lessons at Etchinghill if you're nearer the coast...  

Moving down to Whistable, so think Etchinghills at bit too far. Guess I'll have a chat when I'm looking at the local courses to join. Any club fitters/ makers in  that area ?? Oh, and guess I can drop my gokart in for a service too        

15 mins up the road! pm me about courses, I've lived here forever so I know them all...  

PM sent. How long is the drive to Etchinghill ?

google says 43 mins but it's not - about 30/35.  Is that why I'm late everywhere?  pm sent re local courses.

Joe Jezzard at Stonelees. Good teacher, uses up to date tech, and great value at ??25 for an hour (yes 1 hour)

Why not try Boughtom which is the sister club to Etchinghill . Greg Hanen is the head of coaching for Pentland Golf who own both clubs and probably the best in the area. He is actually Belgian but a really nice guy. Boughton is a lot closer and in my opinion a much better course than Etchinghill.

As it happens I dropped in there for a look today. What a dump the range is

Trial lesson with jj tonight, got to say he's good  

Good to hear the lesson with Joe went well mate. he taught me the game, got me from 24 to 12 in a year, then i moved out of the area, off 7 now!