Cross handed putting

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Cross handed putting

my last two rounds i have been trying the Cross handed putting stroke.

early results are amazing, i think in the two rounds ive played using this method i have missed only one putt from inside ten feet.

 i practiced on the carpet indoors for about half an hour and was totally blown away with my accuracy, now im hoping that this isnt just a honeymoon period and that i have found a truly helpfull putting method. my putting is definately the worst part of my game and my bad putt is a push to the right ,i think i have hardly ever missed to the left of the hole on a straight putt.


so i will be staying with this style at the moment ,.

 have any of you tried it ?

Used it for over 20 years, am still shit!

Confidence plays vital role

Confidence plays vital role during the competition in any sports. A Golf player must remain confident and focused during the game. I feel hypnosis courses prove very helpful in gaining confidence for the competition and have a look at where you actually took 2 or more putts..par 3,4 or 5s.  I find that I still have a couple of holes for best golf balls where a bad bogey or a bad double bogey balances out a good par or even a birdie. You should not be three putting at all really and should expect a couple more single putts.....the par threes and short par fours where you can get close with a short iron