front foot spinning out

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front foot spinning out
why does it happen?

how does it affect the throughswing?

how do i stop it?

If my front foot spins out it's usually because I've started the downswing with my shoulders rather than my legs/hips. It won't necessarily affect the throughswing but I do lose power if I'm shouldersy ...

The ideal golf swing uses the left side (front leg) as a brace to put all the power into. So if you allow that left side to move you're leaking a bit of power.

That said, if you look at the pro's the front of their left foot is usually beginning to lift or turn out. Look at this old footage of Greg Norman ...

Also worth just checking the studs/spikes of your shoes.

I have always been told to have my left foot open at address, as this just allows for the spin. Also, Rory McIlroy's foot spins out after every shot, so it can't be too negative!

Agree that if your overall mechanics are solid it's not a problem to have your foot spin out, but it could be an indication of one.

On a quibbling note you're likely told to have your left foot open at address (as am I) because it helps with hip rotation.

Tiger has both feet facing in the opposite direction from each other with the driver (or he used to) but definetly i would suggest having the front foot open at address around 30 degrees and the back foot ever so slightly out away from the ball, with the driver i copied Tiger and have both feet turned away from each other, i find this works great and it feels very solid and balanced.

Having the left foot (for a right handed golfer) turned towards the target about 30 degrees will encourage with getting thru the ball and completing your swing, and not hanging back on your right foot.


Heres a clip of Tiger using the Driver...

Two things to note are...

1. His lead foot (left foot) is quite noticably open and turned towards the target.

2. His back foot (right foot) is less noticably turned out, but still turned out away from the target slightly...

This is an easy fix, here is a video how:

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