Getting out of wet bunkers

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Getting out of wet bunkers

Normally bunkers are not to much of a problem for me, we have horrible fluffy ones in the summer but I use a lob wedge with a bit of bounce and manage OK.. Sea side sand I positively love and use the same club.. BUT this winter, for some reason I have not worked out yet, my bunker play is awful. The sand is very heavy and seems to have a hard layer just under the top inch or so.. My Lob wedge just seems to slide off this hard layer and into the back of the ball.. tried a sand wedge but with that I seem to hit it fat.. I need to spend some time in a bunker but need to find out what the best way of approaching these shots... Maybe a PW or a steeper swing can anyone help please??

When the sand is effectively no longer sand, but a thick, mud-like mush then the most reliable way to get out of the bunker is to change the shot completely by sinking the club head into the sand right behind the ball after a more vertical downswing, taking almost no sand, and leaving the club in the sand (i.e. no follow-through after impact). This doesn't require a lot of force and after just 1 minute of practice you'll see how easy it is. Not very pretty, and not the most accurate for distance, but it works well compared to a failed traditional swing which still leaves you in the bunker. It's also a good option for rock hard bunkers with little or no loose sand.

Sorry , i cant help, I'm woefully inconsistent from the playpits , but for some reason dont mind wet sand . The more compact the better! 

Agree with using a wedge with less bounce but prefer a gap wedge out of the wet stuff, not too full a swing and nip a small amount of sand with the ball. Usually gives a little fizzer that checks quickly.

It depends on the sand. If it's like the ready mix concrete I'm usually treated to then I was advised (by a pro no less) to close the club face and drive down into the sand behind the ball (as per David's description). The ball does tend to get out every time but it does come out running like a raped ape!

If the sand is half decent then there's a little more leeway. I use my LW in this instance (because it has a lot less bounce than my SW). That said, I have the touch of Jack the Ripper around the greens at the best of times so take what I say with a value pack of SAXA.

Use a pitching wedge  If you are playing on wet sand that has firmed the bunker up the sandwedge will bounce and you will thin it  

Yep agreed K. - either a PW or  GW I find that in wet sand a lob wedge gets too much meat under it and flubs 'em short

I drive down on it with a GW or SW as I used to always bounce the club into the ball. What has worked for me recently is getting steep on it with a closed face and intentionally hitting it fat. That way I can't bounce into the ball. Just practice and see what works best.

Easiest solution is to join our place. ALL bunkers GUR in winter this year. Dunno why.