Grip and general lack of discipline

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Grip and general lack of discipline

After playing the best golf of my life at the tail end of last summer, I have just come out of the most torrid winter of appalling golf.

I have had loads of lessons and every season start with a MOT just to make sure the basics are right - I am yet to have that this year.

I won one of our Majors shooting one over in September and thought 'here I go' and was cut to 8.1 (now up to 8.6) - since then I have been really trying to step up to the next level but without any success.

I have a natural fade and am not a long hitter so have been desperately trying to hit a gentle draw to eek out a bit more distance. 

Over the winter months my golf has gone from bad to worse and I really started to go off the game.

BUT I have one really bad habit.

I know what I am supposed to do but don't always apply it - this isn't a conscious decision, it just seems to happen and every year something basic seems to go drastically wrong !

I suddenly lost a lot of distance and even your standard 100yd shot seemed to fill my head with worry.

I tried everything from ball position to posture to alignment and it just got worse and I mean really poor.

Last night someone very casually pointed out that my right hand was covering my left hand as I gripped the club which often resulted in a high, wide and not so handsome slice/push.

I changed it back to where it should be and immediately saw a huge improvement. So much so that I shot level par over nine holes. I gained my distance again and hit seven out of nine greens and the other two landed and ran across the green.

Why had I let my grip go down the pan ? I don't know, it just happened and I never noticed.

All the guys I play with are loads better than me and at times I have felt a little embarrassed playing with them.

Last night the confidence returned and golf is a great game again rather than 18 holes of anxiety and pain.

What can I do to make sure that this never happens again ? I have no clue.

Why does it happen to me and not the other guys ? I have no clue.

How can I teach myself not to let my brain subconsciously take over ? I have no clue.

To cap it all, I told my better half (who knows nothing about golf) last night that I had been trying to hit a draw etc etc

Her reply made me think.

She said 'All the guys always say how straight you hit it so why do you want to hit it with a curl ? Just do what you're good at and try and do that better !!'

Any advice would be well received to make sure that I don't waste another six months of my golfing life.



Playing in winter can seriously damage your confidence. As a result of muddy conditions on my home course, I now have the chipping yips. I may have to resort to taking a lesson.

Harrrumphhhh!!!!!  Winter golf sucks. Just spent 3 months playing on kikuyu - my confidence is in the bin. Just dying to see that little white pill land short and then skip up the green toward the pin, like it is supposed to.

MTP maybe I need a proper pre-shot routine. I always thought I had one but it obviously isn't that great. My concern is that if it's too thorough it may take an age !!

Last coaching I had was all about set up. Consistency will only come with a bullet proof pre-shot routine. Since I have been concentrating on following a set procedure, instead of walking up and whacking it, my game has become more solid. Just trying to instil the same discipline in my missus. I she concentrates and doesn't get distracted she hits good golf shots, aggravatingly not all the time, and it is usually down to simple things in the set up - aim, grip, takeaway and follow through - without 'taking a peep' If she could keep her head still and had a clue about what a target line is, she might get down to low twenties / high teens

MTP - piss taker !!!   That made me laugh !  

Yes - bullet proof Taz. I like that. Must keep this post brief !

I can fix one of your problems with ease. It is very common and easy for the grip to get awry. Buy a grip training grip and fix it to an old iron and always make sure that some of your practice is with this club. (this assumes that you have a neutral grip as standard). I often go to the nets just before a round and hit a few balls just to warm up and I virtually always do it with my grip trainer club.