How can I fix my game?? Swing video included

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How can I fix my game?? Swing video included

Can anyone please give me some good advice?

been playing for a few years and at the moment my driving,chipping and putting I’m happy with but for a long time I just can’t seem to hit my irons with any consistency! Really struggling!

about the last couple of weeks I’ve developed hitting it off the toe and it’s completkey killed my game and my confidence and I don’t know why I’m doing it! I know some of the bad things I’m doing like taking the club to the inside and coming over the top but I just fall back into those bad habits! Feel free to be brutally honest should I just give up or can I work on things with that swing! Here is a link to a video of 3 shots.......

ps the first shot is obviously my toe hit and the second shot was actually ok just pulled slightly,the third was a low push

thank you