How many putts should a 9 handicapper take

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How many putts should a 9 handicapper take

I play off 9 and normally play to 3 shots either side of it on home course

played a medal today 9 pars 9 bogeys so level handicap wind was minimal

came off pondering how when id hit the ball so well tee to green i hadnt scored that iressively

didnt misshit a single drive or wood or long iron

couple of underhits with wedges

began pondering the birdie putts id squandered

greens were slow but felt like constant battle with some very awkward pin positions

couple of good par or bogey saving putts but they only seemed to go in if id already hit a poor putt on that green

Counted back 36 putts 2 1putts 2 3 putts

seems like a lot to me, as i say greens were bad. But on a good putting day in summer id be hoping 30ish putts

just pondering if anyone has a table to tell you roughly how many putts u should be aiming for at each handicap

my puttings far better than a few years back but i think it may still be a weakness especially when i compare it to how some of the kids and low handicappers putt






Have a look at where you actually took 2 or more putts..par 3,4 or 5s.  I find that I still have a couple of holes where a bad bogey or a bad double bogey balances out a good par or even a birdie. You should not be three putting at all really and should expect a couple more single putts.....the par threes and short par fours where you can get close with a short iron.

Not done it myself (yet) but there are better ways of evaluating putting. Most of us have had days where we hit more greens than usual so leaving many long putts, and other days where seems to always be just off the green so having lots of short pitches. Evaluating the total feet of putts is one, there are others where GIR is taken into consideration with numbers of putts.

How good your greens are and how undulating is going to be a big factor   flat parkland course v augusta Tour pros measure but FEET of putts holed.. it is a good measure Putting is the easiest area to cut strokes IMO.. if golfers hit putts in the same proportion as TOUR pros.. i.e. MOST practised v their normal, handicaps would tumble

Fairly undulating greens its strange i normally putt better in winter when greens are a bit slower but today they were the slowest iv ever played them and i struggled to bring myself to hit the ball hard enough i hit a couple from 50 foot that came up 15 feet short and a few of the 15 footers were left 3-4 foot short which is awful missing 5 from 4-6 foot and 6 from 8-12 foot is all the shots i dropped and more will have to start keeping a closer eye on my putting stats as its felt weak for the last month having been quite good last summer Will have to go spend some time on the practice green before playing next atleast putting is relatively easy to work on and improve quickly unlike say a big fade on your drive

I too am interested in the best putting stat to monitor.  I'm not convinced that simply measuring the total distance of putts made is a great stat.  Can't hurt but it's not close to the real picture is it?  I would argue lagging a 60 feet putt to inside as foot is a great putt but your stat just shows a 1 foot (tap in) putt made. I suspect that 'putts per green in regulation' is likely one of the better stats to keep to gauge improvement as it's not skewed by those approach shots that sit on the fringe where you chip on to 3 feet and drop the putt. I do agree though that improving putting and the surest way of reducing a handicap.

Gur is an important stat i generally record a gur to be the foot of fringe around the green where id putt from too 3 putting from inside 25 foot is awful even on a tough green, a 3 putt from 75putt which is a tap in can often be a good effort its a strange one as you could be 50 yards short of the green in reg chip to 10 foot and hole putt for par and it goes down as a 1 putt or on another occasion can be on the egde of a par 5 in 2 3 putt from 75 foot plus and it would go down as a 3 putt i normally keep track of 3 putts last weekend the 2 i made were from 40 foot with v tough pin position and a 60 footer that i put 10 foot past and lipped the putt the total putts is a bit of a lottery but generally isnt that bad an indicator of your putting short of measuring. All putts and keeping detailed notes on what u holed what u missed and how much you missed by , gur  total putts and score is about all i keep from a round If u hit 18 gurs then unless every single one is on the edge of a huge green 50 foot or more from hole then youd hope to average at worst 2 putts per green for the level par overall Assuming im hitting the ball well greens missed is a pretty good indicator of roughly how many over par i l be assuming no lost balls or getting stuck on face of bunker in a medal etc I should possibly do better at. The up and down from 50 yards and in. That more gurs and better putting seem to be what seperate a guy of 5 or 6 and a guy of 9 or 10 see quite a few older members who dont hit the ball that far off tee and play off mid single figures, but they do it by laying up on half the holes and getting up and down 3 or 4 times a round and not taking 4 or 5 shots for what could be an up and down      

Not being smart but it's GIR (green in regulation) not GUR (ground under repair).

 indeed!  Anyway, there's no set number of putts for a 9 handicapper as one 9 handicapper might have a great long game and shite short game and the next one quite the opposite!  However the number of shots per round work out the same. 36 putts also isn't THAT bad for an average round, but like everyone you'll have better and worse days on the greens.   Its already been stated that one should try and work on the weakest part of their game and THAT is the key.  

Average distance holed per green in regulation  Would be the one to look at   

To be competitive on tour you must be under 30 putts per round no reason why you should not average 30 if you practise loads, easier greens no doubt too  

If your plan is set a comparison to the european or pga tour then if you are allowed to leave the flag in when putting then it cannot be regarded as a putt. tour stats even if they are an inch on the fringe it is a missed green, and resuting regarded as a chip whether it be a putter or not. ive played with people who after the round have said they hit so many greens and had 36 putts, but some have been from 10 yards short of the green! dont go comparing apples to pears! Ball sitting on the green is a GIR

I think it will very much depend on the condition and speed of the greens as well as the pin positions. Putting is also one of those aspects of the game which tends to be variable, some days you hit the ball well but put poorly and another you hit the ball poor but putt well. Golf has a strange way of equalising things. As a rule I don't count my putts per round. I don't need to in order to find out how I've putted, I can remember whether I've missed a 2 footer or drained a 20 footer! That said, putting is arguably the best part of my game and I estimate I would average about 30-32 putts per round - play off 4.

A rival website for golf score tracking quotes some figures for different handicap ranges suggesting that for a 9 handicapper:

  • 32 putts per round
  • 12.5% of holes three putted

There are two ways to reduce the amount of putts you take in a round. 1. Make sure your approach shot is bloody fantastic and stops so close to the hole that it would be harder to miss the putt that get it in. 2. Making sure your approach shot lands just short of the green, then chip the ball dead close to the hole and ditto above procedure.   You're welcome  

Lol 29 avg upto 44 and then down to 24! Thats going from the full blown yips to being touched by the almighty! you are avinn a giraffe!

I've had anywhere between 27 and 44

I play off 10 and the fewest amount of putts I've taken before was 27, aided by two chip ins.

The highest amount of putts I've taken is 44... a very bad day at the office, but my excuse was that it was blowing a gale on the links at Lytham & St Annes!

For me, there can be no set rule for the amount of putts you should be taking, regardless of your handicap - just take every putt as it comes and avoid those dreaded three-jabs at your peril.

Obviously on Tour, you would be looking for anything around 28 or less to be in contention come the weekend.

The best statstic to look at in tournament play is "strokes gained putting". This measures the number of putts a golfer takes relative to the average of the field, taking into account the initial putt distance on each green. 

One of the best putting gadgets we've used in recent times to improve our putting strokes is Hole More Putts - well worth a look. 

2 rounds without a 3putt

It's definitely getting there! Unfortunately my ball striking fell off the edge of the world! So still too many bogeys! But when the stars align...... I'm going loooooowwwww  ;0)

Counting Putts isn't a good stat ....

so over the weekend I had 32 putts in one round ... is that good or bad?

As a 6 h/cap it sounds poor, and taken as just a single stat does sound poor ... on that day I shot a 73 (1 over gross).

so was it a poor putting day, or a poor day for approach play (if I had hit my shorter clubs closer than I might have had more birdies) ... stats like putts per round don't give enough info.

Agree BT

Yep, it's not a good measure, it needs to be in context with everything else

I track everything with

I track everything with gamegolf, hole19, pinseekerz etc, putting is the only stat I compare to a scratch handicap. my GG handicap is 7.3, my real handicap is 8.1. 

I've moved away from the claw grip and moved to a almost belly 39" putter and standing nice and tall has helped no end. 

Sunday I had a shocker with the putter 38 putts inc a four putt and 3 x 3. when it's hot it's hot when it's not well it's ice cream. 

not sure bending over is the best method for me so the belly putter is working well :-) 

Who mentioned putting ? 

Who mentioned putting ? 


44 putts Sunday in 88 shots, no idea :-( 

Ha tell me about it

My greens are like oiled marble at the moment,  I think I three putted 4 times in 9 holes last night!