How to stop a fade!

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How to stop a fade!
im fadeing nearly eveything and its doing my head in!

well everything from a 7 iron upwards so 7-3 wood

when i make a concerted effort to really turn my hands over i draw big, im defintly going from out to in, so its somthing on my downswing, also when i finish my follow through early like at the 9 o clock postion i hit it straight, so is my timging out? or do you think im leaving my club head behind?

any simple tips

do you fade every shot?

Sprinkle a bit of Arial on the tee,stops whites fading fast.

about 80% of the time i fade yes, im also losing distance cause of it like 10-15 yards shorter than a straight shotoh i forgot to mention when i made a real effort to stay to stay connected on the downsing i hit the ball straight but i couldnt swing very fast at all so it was a weak shot

Have you tried a stiffer shaft? I for instance cannot use graphite shafts, unless xtra stiff - whenever I have I get a faded shot.

My natural shot shape is a fade. Assuming you mean a fade rather than a slice and it's repeatable I wouldn't grumble too much. Granted it doesn't go quite as far as a draw would but it's a nice controlled shot to hit into a green.If you're a natural fader you just have to learn to hit a straight one and a draw and so on :0)

I am currently working with my Pro to try and change my natural fade into a straight shot. He is making me swing on a flatter plane which stops me fading. Also, I am trying to hold my wrist hinge until the very last moment before I hit the ball, this is making me turn my hands over after impact better. When I manage to do it properly I am hitting totally straight with every club and I am getting much more distance, as much as 50 yards with the driver, but unfortunately, after 3 1/2 years of fading, it isn't totally natural yet! ;-(

Thanks LGL ill try them too things tommorow

Tried all them things out! and i havent got a fade anymore!, actually i havent got a swing cant hit anything at all now, lost all consitency :(

I too suffer from a fade (sometime a real power fade - slice). Checked my shoulder alighnment and found that my leading shoulder was actually pointing right (even though everything else was lined up properly - played 18 holes night and hit everything straight!!!!

If its natural josh and you can call it up on demand - keep the fade.But you need to figure out why you are fading.Is your swing really out to in? Ask somebody (preferrably a pro) to watch you. But for me i need to make a good full shoulder turn to eliminate on out to in swing.Is you set up open? Check your set up. Make sure your feet are parrallel to target. i know when i first started and even now a year on, i still set up slightly open and have to look down and check my feet.Is your club face open?Line the bottom groove of your club up perpendicular to the target.The out to in swing is the hardest to change. But if you eliminate the other two you might just find you have eliminated your fade.And then when you have eliminated your fade you can work on trying to set up open, club facing target, and slightly out to in swing, tigher grip to avoid releasing, and hit the fade like the pro's:)When i get bored at the range, i do try to hit fades on purpose. ITs a bit like curling a free kick round the wall into the top corner. Yeh you could hit it straight in. But it looks really cool to see a ball move 10 yards in the air land soft (minimal roll) at 150 yards :)

The best player in the worlds stock shot is a fade.As is the Number 2 best player.As long as it's consistant, what's the problem.

Hear hear

I had a real problem a while back with a fade. Couldn't hit anything more than a 7 iron without some left to right. I took some lessons and the problem was not rotating my hands through the ball - ie leaving the clubface open through and after impact, thus sending the ball right.The pro got me hitting shots with my left hand only - found it REALLY difficult, which probably underlines that was the problem. Anyway, now when I am at the range, I warm up with a few left hand only shots and every time I change club, I'll hit one or two left hand only first. Teaches you to get in a strong position at impact. It's dull and takes some time, but sure enough after a while I lost the fade/slice. Suggest you try it out and see if that is the problem.

Ive already sorted it i was giving loads of natural rotation and winging my hips so far back, it messed my sing plan up.Fixed it quite easly by planting my feet and starting my swing with a little kick with my left kneee inside

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