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Is there anyone out there who has tried any hypnosis?

I am toying with buying a couple of CD's that you listen to when you are asleep and they are supposed to help concentration and focus by suggestion triggers.

I particularly want to try it for my putting which has disappeared down the toilet at the current time!

The basic idea of hypnosis is a good one and I've had some training in it!Audio CD's aren't usually very effective because everyone reaches the required state at different times - something audio cd's can't account for.Audio played while you are asleep is not hypnosis and almost certainly not effective (at least studies suggest it isn't). Subliminal cd's are considered equally ineffective.In an ideal world, you'd go and see a good hypnotherapist (who should give you a CD/Tape of the session for you to listen to afterwards). The therapist should be able to ask you questions and tailor it to your needs (ie putting).If you aren't comfortable with that, give a proper hypnotherapy CD a try (ie a non-sleep one)... it may work for you.Another consideration is to try a hypnotherapist who practices NLP (the study of excellence) as it applies well to golf.Oh... and yes, hypnosis does work. But it needs to be done properly, aided by a competent professional.

"Oh... and yes, hypnosis does work. But it needs to be done properly, aided by a competent professional."Can I be hypnotised please to be attractive to extremely beautiful and rich succesful women? ;o)

No - you'd need to hypnotise them......to be blind probably! :D

Niblick,I have to disagree with you regarding subliminals. I've used them along with my partner for a good while and they definately work if used correctly. If there was nothing to subliminals the US military wouldn't have withheld the Lowery patent for 'silent sound' for so long.In fact we have a pro in the US using our Putting CDs with good effect.The key to getting the best out of them is to 'activate' them. We teach a couple of simple techniques for connecting the unconscious and conscious mind so the subliminal affirmations are accepted and realised in the world. Plus we do sets of CDs with conscious and subliminal affirmations. :-) If anyone's interested in what we do feel free to email me and I'll give plenty more info.

Ive used sublims for motivation for a while and firmly believe in them. Dean I would loveto hear more of what you have done cna you tell us a bit more please

The question you have to ask is: why use subliminal messages? Why not use tapes with ordinary suggestions played over music? Why should the subconscious receive messages any better when they are subliminal? That wouldn't make sense from an evolution point-of-view (in fact it'd be contrary to it).There's no evidence, not even supporting evidence to suggest subliminal messages have any effect whatsoever. I have no problems with people trying subliminals... but I personally don't believe they do anything which isn't pure psychosommatic.

but I personally don't believe they do anything which isn't pure psychosommatic.Even if it is psychosommatic as long as it works does it matter

I totally agree Kev. If you get benefit from them then that's great.What I said is only my personal opinion.

Hi guys,Interesting discussion here.Niblick: you're right that conscious affirmations are powerful and we include a CD containing them over music for that part of the mind. Where subliminals come in is that they bypass the conscious critical mind - the little voice that rejects what is consciously heard or seen. Did you ever see Derren Brown in that shopping center where he made lots of suggestions over the tannoy that no one would have been picking up consciously. After a while he made the suggestion for everyone to raise their hand and a good proportion of shoppers did with no understanding why.Subliminals work. Maybe they take a while with some people and you do have to have a willingness to change, but they definately work.Kev: I'm glad you've found subliminals helpful to you :-)Rather than typing loads of stuff here I'll just link you to our site. If it doesn't answer all your questions drop me a line :-)http://www.hypnotherapykidderminster.co.uk/subliminalinformation.html

Thanks Dean a very informative site, shame the cd is only on Putting it would have been nice to have a set that includes set up routine, staying in the present etc, I have used several hypnosis CD to great effect in golf but not tried sublims, golfmind software has been particularly good, If the putting gets wobbly I might give the CD a go.

I certainly am not the sort of person who would try and discredit something if there's a chance that it can help people. Everyone should come to their own decisions about what they should use.Me? I would always choose Hypnosis/NLP over something like subliminals. Both are highly applicable to golf and both are highly accepted forms of mental improvement.But each person should form their own conclusions and I'd encourage everyone to read around the subject... particularly in non-commercial websites.

"Tiger Woods uses subliminals to make him the most mentally strong player in history, why don't you?"From that linked website. I have never heard this before... where did you get this information from?I did see that Tiger used subliminal tapes when he was a child, but now he uses other techniques taught to him by Jay Bhunza - which is effectively self-hypnosis (although it's called visualisation, relaxation and focussing).

I've just had a bit of a hunt on the net, and this British company has a few Hypnosis Downloads about golf: www.hypnosisdownloads.comThey're only $8.95 (about a fiver in British money), so worth a try. I can't vouch for them, but I have heard of this company before and they're well established.I have NO connection to this company whatsoever. If you have any doubts, check out my posts and you will see I've never mentioned them before (and I've been posting for a year).

Kev, if the putting set proves helpful to people we're going to produce something for the whole game. Niblick, I've just noticed the Tiger reference is in the present tense. It isn't supposed to be. Thanks for pointing it out, I'll change it. I'm a massive fan of NLP and hypnosis techniques as well. I've never claimed sublims are the whole answer. They're another tool in the tool box and used in conjunction with NLP etc. are very effective. I agree sessions with a trained therapist who can teach you effective methods of reprogramming the mind is probably a better bet, but using sublims as well is like stacking up the good golf karma!

I agree with you Dean. For instance if I found a hypnosis/NLP download and it had subliminals as well, then I'd consider it a bonus. Giving yourself the best chance of success has got to be the wise option.

I'm inteterested enough to try it but how can I be sure that who I go to see is reputable and actually knows what they are doing rather than just telling me they do?Si

Ah, Si, the

It's the biggest problem with Hypnotherapy/NLP Simon. There are a lot of very good practicioners out there, but they're let down but a large number of poor ones.To practice, a therapist will need to have passed exams by the various boards of control. But that isn't a guarantee they are good. The best way is through recommendation and/or reputation.You could try searching for ones that specialise in Sports Psychology as to specialise they'd need to have a certain level of profinciency (to get repeat business).

Niblick I notice you started the game of golf last year and you seem very knowledgable on the Hypnosis side of things, could you describe how it has helped you and what deduction in your handicap you think it may have contributed to

My interest in psychology goes back a long way Kev, long before I started playing golf. I first got interested in hypnosis when I went up on stage at a stage hypnosis show about 8 years ago. Although I didn't make the final selection, the guy did manage to glue my hands together - which completely astounded me.After that I used hypnotherapy to quit smoking... which did the trick! I then took a course, merely out of interest rather than for professional reasons.As for golf, I probably haven't applied the techniques as much as I should, and this thread has made me aware of it. You do have to make a conscious effort, and in the case of hypnosis develop a 'script' to use.Having said that, I do visualise my shots before playing them as part of my pre-shot routine, and I think it does make a difference. Also, I don't think I'm susceptible to suffering from a bad shot as some people are. I will often show a bit of frustration after bad shot, but then I'll close my eyes, take a good deep breath and compose myself. In fact, I usually follow a bad shot with a very good one (not always).But, I am now thinking about trying some visualisation and hypnosis techniques with my golf, because this thread has sparked the thought process. I will post again with my experiences in the future... it'll be an interesting exercise.I do honestly believe that how I use my mind generally has paid dividends in my development in golf. I think 8 years ago I would never have had the perseverence to learn the game with the discipline that I have. I am self-taught and yet my swing is already in pretty good shape. I lack actual course experience - but I plan to play far more this year.Sorry if that was a bit wordy... I need a "Concise Writing" hypnosis script! ;)

Self hypnosis is a doddle, I've been doing it for years and it has improved my concentr

LMAO : o )

Brilliant, Harry :-)))

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