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iPing Putter App

I was AGD next to Bolton Wanderers stadium today and saw they were selling off the cradles (£9,99 from RRP of £24.99).  This is still a lot of money for a bit of plastic but given the App itself is free then I suppose it's OK.

I'd been after one of these ever since trying it at the Scottish Golf Show a couple of years ago (coincidentally just before I won the Ping Putter on here so I knew EXACTLY what putter I wanted).

Anyway, I have given it a quick go tonight and it's fun!   It gives quite a bit of information on your stroke


Impact Angle


Lie Angle

Shaft Lean

And does it as an average over 5 putts at a time.  It then works out what it calls your Putting Handicap (for me at the moment it's 3.9). But the thing is as well it actually makes you focus on consistency.  You are trying to keep a consistent stroke at every attempt. 

As I say, first impressions but not a bad little putting aid.  And useful to help you decide the type of putter that would suit you (take it along with you to try out putters and check out the results).

Next step is to try it on the various putters I have to see which performs best on the App