My swing...

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My swing...

The coach says there's too much weight on the outside of my right foot on the backswing, I need to move my hips to the left as the first movement on my downswing and I need to pull down on the grip rather than swinging the club from the top.

I'm not sure about moving the hips as the first movement on your backswing  But tbh what do I know.

He's got V1 Golf on his tablet, and showed me Adam Scott's swing. That does seem to be his first movement on the downswing. (I've got V1 too, and looking at some of the other pros, it does seem that that's what they do). I'm going to have a go at it anyway.

I've got V1 too and just had a look that isn't the case (unless you are talking driver I've only got his Iron DTL downloaded). The first movement is getting the clubhead moving away, the rest of the body is still at that point.

Matt - Nick is talking about the hips starting the DOWNSWING not the backswing... FWIW Nick just be careful your hips turn, rather than just "slide" to your left. I had this problem and it meant I hit the odd massive high slice!

The first movement is getting the clubhead moving away but the rest of the body is still.

Your swing has some good points, but your coach is a bit wrong, you struggle to start with your hips as your hip position is wrong at the top of your backswing. Look how your right leg has straightened and the big angle in your left leg, you have over rotated your hips. You need to focus on you right knee flex staying constant on your back swing and not straightening, that will restrict your bavkswing and help you start your down swing smoothly