The power obsession on the commentary

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The power obsession on the commentary

Watching Pga coverage at the players, the commentators were power this power that strength this etc. 

They did break downs of Rory, then Dustin and then little Justin Thomas.  It's just speed and good technique that gives these guys 95%

In all fairness they all whack it miles, all average well over three hundred. I hate this term power, these guys generate SPEED, not necessarily power. Power is the ability to hit an 8 iron 160 out of deep rough, ie strength. 

This power talk must give so many people bad swing thoughts and actions, all that is required is good technique and good hands, if the emphasis was on speed and not power, I'm sure a lot of people would swing it better from dot. The classic over the top move that happens is often as people try to give it a bit more "power"

An American term used over and over in a poor context in my view.