putting tempo

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putting tempo

hello fellow golfers,

i am wondering how do you think about putting tempo?

how important is putting tempo for you?

How do you practice your putting tempo?

Do you use tools for it and what kind of tools?

Do you know what your perfect personal putting tempo is and how do you know that?

Looking forward to your comments.



I just think Tic Toc. Keep my head still and dont get tempted to take a quick look.

Never been aware of it. My putting is just a feel thing, making sure I go back and through at whatever tempo is required for the length of putt. Therefore my tempo, (speed and pace), will vary putt to putt.

If you want to become a consistent putter then tempo is all important. If you want to vary the length of putt you just change the length of back and through swing rather than change how hard you hit the ball.  

Practice is simple just find 'your' tempo then work on how far to swing the club to get the different distances. There is no given tempo for every golfer simply because there are so many variables such as what type of ball you play, how heavy is your putter and how fast are the greens where you play regularly.