Right sided swing

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Right sided swing

This RS golf swing really works with the driver. Checks it out on Youtube. I tried it with my Titleist 913 driver last Saturday focusing on getting my arms as quick as possible onto my left shoulder from top of the backswing without spinning my left shoulder open. Unbelievable power, high launch and loads of distance and straight. The only downside is that there was no roll but I put that down to soft fairway and weather.

Try it out. 

Nice one exit. My iron swing is totally conventional straight up and down although short and straight with my new apex's lol

Ond thing right sided instructors will admit to is that it's great for irons but struggle with the woods.

The other way round for me. Irons have a tendancy to hook with the right shoulder working over too much instead of down and under. You just have to think speed with your hands and the body simply reacts. 

Watching you tube and thinking you are doing it and going to a right sided instructor are 2 different things    

I signed up for right sided website program last year. Really liked it , easy program and works . Very similar to stack and tilt

 A swing for unathletic golfers who could never get golf instruction    a program for guys that suck