Section of my game good or bad

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Section of my game good or bad

I will start withe the good (this goes from green to tee)

Putting good ...... i love it someone once said i could putt with a fry pan i just have the knack 

pitch bump and runs chips etc ........ ok my uncle told me you chip with any club in the bag

100yds out ........ either hit too hard or not enough but not to bad

now the fun starts

long irons ....... poor but ..........i got a 24 degree club and with that i aint to bad

i also got an 18 degree club which i try off the tee ..... here the dangerous bit

Driving ...... A driver in my hands is a lethal weapon i slice it bad

same with a 15 degree 3 wood 

i have never broke 100 and never will but i aint gonna lose any sleep over it ....

 i am working on my driver so we`ll see