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Set composition

I keep hearing about filling gaps to improve my golf game, I think my set is pretty balanced though I'm not sure, any tips would be great


Driver - 11deg Wilson Dh6

Fairway 1  - taylormade 3 wood r5 xl 15deg

Fairway 2  - taylormade  5 wood r7 ti 18deg

Hybrid  -       taylormade r7 4 hybrid 22 deg


irons Ping g25                       5 - sw


The only issue I think I have is I may need a 50/52 wedge but I'm not sure.

Am I right - that the balance is ok or should I move the lofts of my hybrid and woods.

Thanks for any tips

How often on the course have you looked at a yardage and thought "I wish I had a xxxxx in my bag?"

There's your answer

Generally I'm happy with my set it's just at the top end the gaps between my hybrid and woods. Are the gaps there too wide or about right. I feel there is about a 15 - 20 yard gap between my hybrid and my fairway do I need to plug that gap or can I manage that gap by choking down slightly on my 5 wood?   Which would be more beneficial a 50 deg gap wedge or a 52 deg gap wedge for my approach play - once those gaps are sorted I'm good to go I think.

The specs on your set show the PW has a loft of 45 degrees and the SW 54 degrees, that is a pretty big gap. I think that anything around the 50 degree mark is ok and if you want to stay with the same model the Ping G25 U wedge is 50 degree. Personally I would not worry about the longer clubs as that is a pretty standard set up.  

thanks so the  only issue is the wedge gap. Any gap wedge is good to fill that gap I assume?

As Jim stated above, it may be best to stick with the gap wedge from your iron set. It will feel more familiar to you. Given the SW is 54 deg I would not be buying a 52. If you can't buy the G25 gap wedge at least try others before buying. Like any other club some will be better for you than others.   

My belief is that wedges (and other irons) should suit the ground conditions where you play and the type of hitter you are. On a personal note all my wedges are a different make and type of head to the irons I play with and for me I could never get on with G25s simply because the soles are so wide.  

I'm amazed at the number of golfers I see with no GW, most of whom don't even know the lofts of their iron set. Most modern sets will have around 10 degrees between PW and SW, making a GW essential. 

These are all interesting posts my gut feeling is to go with the g25 50deg wedge. Does anyone think if its worth investing in the most lofted g25 wedge(I think its 58deg). Or just should I develop touch/feel with the wedge composition as it currently stands.

How consistent are you on your distances? I have a similar setup but added a lob wedge instead, I felt I could do enough to make up anywhere between the PW and SW if anything fell between but the 60 degree gave me another option when either closer to the green or needing it to get up and over something but not travel.

It all depends on how good you are with your wedges in the first place and how far you hit your wedges. A lot of pros will have more lofted clubs in their bags simply because they hit the ball so far. I am happy to have nothing in my bag with more loft than 52 degrees but there again I have the skill level ( I have hit tens of thousands of balls with just a 52 wedge) to turn a 52 wedge in to a 60 degree wedge just by opening up the club and changing the direction of 'attack'.    

That also means that a ball hit with the 8-iron, for example, will roll less once it hits the ground compared to a ball hit with a 4-iron

I would questions most amateurs need for a 3 and 5 wood. A 4 wood is much easier to hit than a 3 wood and will give plenty of distance, gaps are better at the top than the bottom unless as I used to you play a very long course. For me anyway, all this is subjective I were advising someone of a set composition from scratch I would suggest Driver, 4 wood, 3 hybrid then 4 iron or 4 hybrid, 5-PW irons then minimum 2 wedges depending on the lofts of your PW.  For me I used to play a long course so have driver, 3 wood, 2 hybrid 3-PW and 52, 56 wedge (my PW is 48degree). I now play a shorter course and will likely drop to a 4 wood 3 hybrid remove the 3 wood, 2hybrid and 3 iron and have an additional wedge.

And I wouldn't invest in a iron set wedge, I would buy a specific wedge. Nowadays with a multitude of loft, grind and bounce options it would be much easier to find a wedge to suit. The big fat soles on a game improver iron set SW and A and U wedges makes them very un versatile.

Driver lofts for most players run between 9 and 12.5 degrees. Clubs increase in loft through the set until reaching the lob wedge, which is usually lofted from 60 to 64 degrees.   cover samsung galaxy s6 edge

Further to my opening post I have altered my set to the following Driver ping k15 12 deg  loft 3wood ping  k15 16 deg loft 5wood ping k15   deg loft Hybrid ping g25 23 loft irons ping g25 5-sw ( pw 45 degree sw  54)  extra wedges 50 and 58 degree  I am seriously pondering taking out the 58 degree wedge and putting in a 27 degree hybrid as I feel that the consistency with the long iron shots overrides the need for the extra wedge for me as a high handicapper. Any opinions will be greatly appreciated.

I would see no reason to further change your set up until you become much more experienced and learn what you actually need rather than hanker after.

I would only consider the change you indicate if there is an actual big gap in yardages between your hybrid and 5 iron. If not no need. If there is a significant gap then you have to weigh up what the 58 is doing for you. You need to decide which of the 2  (the higher loft hybrid or 58 wedge) will help you MOST in your round.  I have a similar set up to you (I have a 19 hybrid instead of 5 wood) and would never drop my 58 as I need it most rounds, if not at least a few times a round. BUT its easy for me to say this as my yardage gap between my 23 hybrid and 5 iron is about 10 yards. 

I think I have looked at this from the wrong perspective should I leave my 58 deg wedge in and simply swap my 5 iron for a 5 (27 deg loft) hybrid. I just feel I need the re assurance of another easy to hit club rather than a more difficult iron. I feel more confident with my fairway woods so I don't feel the need to swap my 5 wood for a 3 hybrid with the same loft. 

If your struggling with the 5 iron, then by all means consider replacing with a hybrid. Should try hitting the hybrids before buying in case its no better than the 5 iron. I know a few people who play irons 6-W and use hybrids down.  No harm in trying as you can always go back and use the 5 iron. Hell you could even carry both 27 deg hybrid and 5 iron a few times on the course (and drop the lob wedge) just to see how it works for you. Its not like you have to pick 14 clubs and stick with it all year. Trial and error....see what scores best. 

thanks james that's the best advice I've had!!! Anything to get near the green in two/three shots and let my short game do its thing!