Shadow Problems

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Shadow Problems
This sounds crazy but it is not a joke. When my shadow is behind me my swing feels long and smooth with no club head manipulation. And as I start turning and my shadow starts getting in front, my swing is so different. The best way I can describe it is short armed and the club head feels like it shuts in my back swing. If the shadow is behind me, I can hit 300 yard drives right down the middle with a little draw. Shadow in front, I've been known to miss the ball completely but typically its a 250 yard slice. Sunglasses do not help. Nothing I have tried helps. I have tried concentrating on the ball, pretty much everything. I don't get it and cannot really pinpoint when it started happening. I'm about to sell my clubs.

Sell half your clubs ! And buy half a left handed set, learn to hit the ball both ways .....  You can have that one for free

Move to Scotland. Shadows are rare

Pretty much the feedback I expected.

I had the same thing when I was younger, shadow towards the hole and I would slice. I think it stops you from turning, just focus on the ball and font peak at your shadow 

You're not alone.  I get distracted by my own shadow from time to time.  You finish up watching the swing rather than looking at the ball and cocking it up. The only practical advice I can give is wear a hat and pull the peak down low enough so that you it hides the shadow.

Well to be honest I take all claimed driving distances with a very large pinch of salt.  I don't know many amateur players who can regularly hit 250 yards, let alone 300. 

I really have no reason to lie....

No one is saying you're lying but it is not uncommon for golfers to over-estimate their driving lengths.  I have seen it loads of times and then when you measure it using a DMD they are gobsmacked to realise they are tens of yards shorter than they thought they were.

Sorry if you had a humour lapse but if you go from Tour standard drives to air shots due to a shadow. ... maybe focus on something as the writing on the ball or

Play an indoor sport like squash or snooker?

Have you tried playing with a miners lamp on your head?