Short Game Shanks!

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Short Game Shanks!

Hi guys, I wonder if you could advise on my short game shanks. 

I've been to see a pro who suggested my weight should be on my heels and to use a headcover to prevent coming over the top. I can hit them all day long with the head over down but as soon as I take it away it comes back. 

I took a short video last night of me shanking, perhaps someone can advise on what I'm doing wrong? 

I can feel something's not right and also I can see that I'm lurching onto my toes, even when I feel like the weight stays on my heels I'm still shanking!

Any advice much appreciated.

Change your backswing!

I would like to see you visualise a classic slice swing, pick it up steeper and think of hitting a big slice shot ie come over the top in the downswing. It looks like you take it too much on the inside in the backswing and come back on the inside too. Bit of a wrist roll on  the take away that might be contributing.  Try keeping the face turned down in the take away. 

Balance looks OK, no obvious bad weight shift to the toes