Shots That Are Important For Your Golf Game

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Shots That Are Important For Your Golf Game


In order to play the game of golf, there are five shots you need to execute. Once you learn these five golf shots, you can play with your friends and not be embarrassed when you get on the golf course. Following are the five golf shots you should learn:

• Driver off the tee.
• Putting on the green.
• To hit a half wedge and chip shot around the green.
• Bunker shots.
• Fairway wood and iron off the ground in the fairway.

So, are you trying these five golf shots in your golf game? or you want to add another.

Thanks for that stevo. You have just given a pretty obvious precis of exactly what you need to do to get the ball around a golf course - and I kind of have to use them all, every round. . . . so what exactly is the value of that input?  

My five (easy to learn):

  • The shank
  • The fat
  • The thin
  • The duff
  • The yip

Most pointless golf related thread of the day? Any more entries for the Encyclopaedia of the Bleeding Obvious?  

Actually it's not SUCH an asinine post.   One of the golf magazines ran a feature a few years back about how to get to single figures, and it had a training plan and practice tips etc to get you there. the interesting bit of the feature, which ran for a couple of months, was their analysis of how you should look at your game and therefore which areas to work on. So what they said was that to be in single figures, for example, you needed to be able to consistently drive the ball in the fairway more than 200 yards.  Not 250 or 300, but 200.   So, the conclusion was, if you can consistently do THAT, even if that is a 3w or 5w off the tee, and you want to improve your handicap down to single figures you’d be better off working on other areas of your game and not spend your practice time banging out Drivers at the range. (yes I know we all know that, but how many of us spend enough time practicing 6 foot putts until we are virtually bullet proof inside that distance? That would save most people significantly more shots per round than being able to lash the ball 300 yards off the tee)

Thanks to all golf lover for your lovely and valuable suggestion.

ok.. White flag....

I would like to add what i call the "carve"  This is where your hands forget to do anything at impact and the ball sails 30 degrees right with a ton of side spin to boot.  Immediately followed by FORE RIGHT! No ordinary slice!  

Tom it would appear you have seen me play 

I've only got 3 out of those 5 as I've been struck down with the chipping yips, and I've never been much cop from bunkers. I blame the bad ground conditions for the chipping problems. On the plus side though, I'm getting better at putting from off the the green.

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