Talkback: Get into Golf: Practice drills at home

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Talkback: Get into Golf: Practice drills at home
Very useful until item number six. Hate to be a "wet flannel" but if you are going to be technical please be accurate. Is it a wet flannel or is it a sponge and do I really want water squirting out on the floor. Where is the chair and is it the back of the chair towards me. Having and maintaining a good spine angle is such an important contributor to swing plane and to a swing's muscle memory that it may be worth repeating this exercise in the next issue of the newsletter. Best bit of advice that I have had to improve spine angle is to look at the ball as if through the lower half of a pair of glasses - it just tilts the neck up enough to encourage a straight spine.

Yes back of the chair is resting against the right side of your body. Sponge works just as well.

I already practice putting on the living room carpet, which has a nice pace. I may well use some of the practice drills suggested. . . . but Andy - if I wear a baseball hat in the house while I'm doing it, the wife will kill me.

Alex has already rinsed me for that one! Did you not realise I'm sponsored by adidas? Hope you have fun practising these drills. Chipping in the landing is pretty fun, but on the off chance a Pro V1x should trickle down the stairs, mum usually brings the game to an immediate end.

i used to try and chip off an old bit of carpet onto the settee. bit hard now ive got laminate flooring. and trying to putt on that is a bloody nightmare.

These are some great tips. I am definitely going to try them out. hardest part of golf is consistent practice. Its difficult to get to the range. I'm not a fan of golf nets. I use practice balls and recently picked up a Ropeit. Its a nifty device thats a golf ball on a rope. for those interested. I really like what you said about copying pro swings. I've never had a lesson but I do watch and mimic golf swings. Mainly Tiger's. His swing is so pure.

Why do you not like nets?      

I often practice swinging in my back garden using the windows as a mirror. Useful warm up before a round of golf if nothing else. Golf is a difficult game to self-diagnose because angles can be very deceptive, plus the difference between swinging upright or flat can be fractions - Hey ho.