To waggle or not to waggle, that is the question!!

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To waggle or not to waggle, that is the question!!

Does a waggle really help to swing easy, you see all sorts on tour of course Jacks and Ray Floyds come to mind. I guess it relaxes the muscles but does it help??

Similar the practise swing, does it help with rhythm??  Rory never practises his putts why not...  

I have never waggled I hate anything that gets in the way of me hitting the ball but I practise swing so maybe I should stop that and waggle.. How am I going to sleep tonight with all these thoughts!!!  Hey ho back to the Nuef do Pape! 

I have never been a practice swinger except for shots that require something 'out of the ordinary'. Why waste a good shot on a practice swing? The other thing that make me smile is players practice swings that look nothing like the actual shot they normally make.  

Waggling is just to release tension. Maybe nervous tension creeping into your forearms pre swing? If you don't have tension or you're ready enough then why bother. practise swing serves more purpose I guess. Again might be tension, but also help feel/visualize the shot or simply make sure your body's up to the shot you intend. I tend only to do a practise swing for the latter reason or if the group in front is a bit slow , otherwise get on with it   

Too many golfers stand too long over a shot, whether that be a full shot, chip or putt. This causes the muscles to tense. So, the act of waggling is designed to keep tension from creeping into your hands, arms and body, whilst you mentally prepare yourself for the actual shot. I seem to recall Tom Watson was an advocate of waggling and he did not do so bad. Like most things in golf, if it works for you then all's fine and dandy.