Using a golf tee for iron shots

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Using a golf tee for iron shots

From the teeing ground or driving range, I never use a tee for iron shots, hybrids or fairway woods for that matter. Teeing up certainly makes the shot easier but it is just sending the wrong message to ones brain... tee it up so that one can get under the ball. Then one hits a lovely shot from a tee and says, "I got under that one nicely".  In reality a ball on the fairway does not have much room under the ball.

The best fairway shots are played by compressing the ball with the face of the club on a downward motion and the club sole and leading edge make contact with the ground after impact. This compression along with the loft of the club face initiates backspin which in turn creates an upward flight far greater than the loft should allow.

Fairway shots should always be hit on the downswing allowing the physics and design of the club and ball to do the rest.





.......only if you tee it up too high.

A bloke said "if you are allowed to use a tee, use it."

.....think his name was Jack Nicklaus! (in his book Golf My Way) That'll do for me.

Hmmmm ......   i would ssy you need to stop talking about getting under the ball .... Problem solved !

WTF?   Where does all that nonsense come from?

Was this Nicklaus guy any good? I'll stop talking about getting under the ball when golfers stop flipping at their fairway shots. I would say 70% of golfers flip and most of them love it when their ball is sitting up on the grass. In other words... Problem not solved!

@Slamdunker, define nonsense?

"Was this Nicklaus guy any good?" I'm assuming this is a sarcastic comment?

Saw a great video of a line of golf balls spaced out on a white line. Then a series of shots played, showing the divots nicely in front of the line...... clarity if needed.

@Ian, I need to clear something up... I take it you mean that the divots were past the line somewhere after the ball was struck.  @ Nick Cock (re. my slightly tongue in cheek comment), "Check out the big brain on Nick,"  

.@Slamdunker, define nonsense?   .......spoken or written words that have no meaning or make no sense.

Yes....sorry. past and after!

My use of language wasnt helpful!

No...but similar

@Slamdunker... exemplifies Rudeness..... a. Lacking the graces and refinement of civilized life; uncouth. b. Lacking education or knowledge; unlearned. c. Ill-mannered; discourteous.  

Who is this joker?

What a stupid OP.

Dr Who speaks a lot of sense.

And no, his sonic screwdriver won't fix your short game!

"The doctor  Yesterday at 16:52 @ Nick Cock (re. my slightly tongue in cheek comment), "Check out the big brain on Nick," The doctor Yesterday at 23:21 @Slamdunker...exemplifies Rudeness.....a. Lacking the graces and refinement of civilized life; uncouth. b. Lacking education or knowledge; unlearned. c. Ill-mannered; discourteous."Ironic typo?

@CS, Another day, another dolt... If you want to make a constructive comment about the OP then join in. If you don't really understand it, its better to say nothing. Simples!    

Again, as per the op, it is what I'm being told to do by my instructor. Totally against how I currently play. 

Simplistically speaking Doc I disagree with you regarding no tees on grass teeing areas; I loathe looking all round a tee searching for a nice spot to pop my tee in that has not been hacked to pieces by divot takers on said tee not using a tee. It need only be just off the ground and yet it saves so much damage. On FW shots again I must disagree; I'll hit a three or five off the FW mid stance maybe slightly forward and they will soar. I am a traditionalist playing 3 or 4 irons off the front heel working backwards towards right heel the higher the number so yes some of the high numbered irons will be struck on a downswing on the Fairway. Only my opinions though; others may disagree of course. Mozzy

@Mozzy, I can't argue with your limiting damage dilemma and won't try to convert you to not teeing up. For me its just a personal preference as I play all shots in play without a tee. Driver for obvious reasons is from a tee and it is a club I never attempt to play from the grass. I only play with three irons: 7,9 & SW and I play them all from the middle of my stance. I hit down on all fairway shots and replace my divots. BTW on the tee, I create a small mound when the grass is too short and my divots are about the thickness of a slice of corned beef.  

About the only shot I pay without a tee from a teeing ground is my 3 rescue when I want the ball to go no more than about 15 feet in the air. The biggest 'problem' I have seen with people using tees with irons is simply that they tee it too high. I was taught that when using an iron the tee should be no higher than very slightly higher than really good lie on a fairway. With it teed at this height there is no problem with a slight downward swing and taking a divot after the ball.  The problem with not using a tee is that it is possible to trap grass between the club head and the ball which will affect the spin on the ball.

@JimP-8-, That's my point Jim, the golfers that tee up high are trying to get under the ball. They rarely strike the ball with a downward A.o.A (Angle of Attack) thus rarely compressing the ball properly or imparting proper spin I never use a tee because I am not allowed to tee up when the ball is in play. Its a good habit I adopted many years ago. I take it you worry about trapping grass between ball and club face with fairway lies. Personally, I don't, in fact it never crosses my mind both on the tee and in play.  

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