0.1 or not 0.1??

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0.1 or not 0.1??
Hi, advice please. A friend told me last week that a new rule on handicaps is due, that you can choose not to hand in a score card in a competition, if your score is too crap to avoid the 0.1 handicap increase. Is this real or not?

you can choose not to hand it in - your club may, or may not decide to impose any financial or other penalty. as far as handicapping is concerned your handicap will be increased by 0.1 for failing to return a score within your buffer zone. can I tactfully suggest that you ask such friends to give you the basis for their sudden inspirational outburst in the future - and when they tell you a little green man told them you will know what to say straight away

CONGU Clause 8 Note 1: Players are reminded that failure to report all Qualifying Scores returned away from their Home Clubs (including ‘No Returns’ and Disqualified Scores – see Appendix P) as required by the UHS could lead to the suspension of offending players’ handicaps under the provisions of Clause 24

Not handing in the card will get you banned from the next two comps at our club.

As someone who has to close a medal, not handing in a card would result in the immediate removal of one of the testicles!