14 or 15 clubs

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14 or 15 clubs
I have one of the Momentus swing trainers which I do find useful every now and then. I would like to keep it in my bag as it helps worming up and also helps me check my grip which I have problems with. Question is, is this a club and consequently does it count in the No. of clubs you can have in your bag.

I am pretty sure it would count as a club. I remember years ago one pro found his young sons plastic golf club in his bag and because it was technically still a golf club.

I've often wondered the same thing myself as I also have one in my golf bag.

It's a club. If it's the shortened, weighted version without a club, it's a training aid (especially with the grip trainer attached). Either way ...

It is probably a club.Try reading Playing by the rules by Arnold Palmer, the toy plastic club involved Johnie Miller.The decision was , it has a grip, a shaft and a head therefore it is a club.

It is certainly a club, I was also going to quote the Johnnie Miller incident. This is where one of his kids had stuck one of their small plastic golf glubs in the bag.

nothing to stop you carrying another style of gripped training aid. The type with a weight not a clubhead on the end.

Decision 14-3/10 says you can't, it's a training aid.Under Decison 4-4a/7 you can carry a weighted club, but it counts towards the 14, and must conform to Rule 4-1 (Make and Form of Clubs). That tells you to look at Appendix II (Equipment) where you will find the rules realting to grips. "Training" grips do not conform.

If you have 15 clubs in you bag, can't you declare it on the 1st tee as not being in play and be still allowed to carry it?

No. See Decision 4-4c/1'There is nothing in the Rules to permit carrying, during a round,an excess club declared out of play before the round'

Kev there is a way round that if you do not want to trek back to the car and are playing with someonese decision 4-4a8Incidentally this is a rule I know I have broken now.