15 clubs in my bag.....

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15 clubs in my bag.....
Played a fourball match today...

My partner had already teed off....went to get my driver out and realised that like an idiot I'd left a utility club I'd been trying out in the bag and thus had more than 14 clubs!

I ditched the club with a mate to take back to the clubhouse for me to collect later. At this point in time I'd not even set foot on the tee.

Our opponents insisted I was in breach of the rules and should be penalised. I argued I'd not yet started my round and not even set foot on the tee. Opponents argued that as my partner had teed off, our 'team' was in play and therefore in breach of the rules.

In the end we 'conceded' the first hole to the miserable ******* just to get the damn game under way (and still beat them).

Can anyone advise at what stage the rule breach occurs. When the player with excess clubs tees off or when his 'team' tees off.

If you hadn,t tee'd off ,I can't see what the problem is,it's only loss of that hole anyway.

As a playing partner can join at the start of any hole in fourball matchplay, I can't see how it could apply until you had teed off. Otherwise, playing partners arriving late in the carpark and who just so happened to have 15 or more clubs in their bag would be automatically penalised, even before they had got their golf shoes on and decided which clubs they were playing that day.

I think if you were playing foursomes then your opponents may have had a case but not in a fourball match.

I'm 99% sure it is only you that would be penalised anyway, your partner is still entitled to play the hole against them. Saying that I don't think you breached a rule as you hadn't started your round.

corona - glad you beat them.

Given the Ruling under decision 4-4a/11 I would have thought that no penalty would apply

30-3 Best-ball and four-ball match playRule 30-3b deals with this:"Maximum of 14 clubs.The side is penalised for breach of Rules 4-3a(iii) and 4-4 by any partner."Both players are penalised.

No penalty, you had not started your stipulated round

Breach or not, what a couple of to33ers. I, and I'm guessing most people, would not have penalised you given that the round hadn't started yet.I noticed I had 15 clubs in the bag whilst on the practice green before a medal. It's easily done.

I agree with most of the above, but surely if it is a pairs match, the actual match has started as soon as your partner tees off.Regardless of this Skeek got it spot on, what a pair of tossers for even thinking about it.

The Rule is very precisely worded."A PLAYER must not start a stipulated round ...... etc"If it meant a team, it would say so.See also Dec 4-4a/11 and 30-3a/2