2019 - Lost or OOB Ball

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2019 - Lost or OOB Ball

Do you agree with CONGU's decision to not allow the use of this Local Rule for Qualifying Competitions and Supplementary Scores?

Will your club use it for casual/social play?

As you know (niblick = ColinL

As you know (niblick = ColinL),  I strongly object to this interference in a matter which was made the business of clubs and courses,  arrived at  without consultation and presented without any explanation of what it has to do with handicapping.

At my own club , the Rules Committee together with the Chair of the Competitions Comittee, the Chair of the Handicap Committee and the Club Manager had decided to recommend to our Board that the Local Rule be adopted for all play at the Club.  Following CONGU's interference, we have decided that in keeping with our original decision, we would recommend that it be adopted for all play except qualifying rounds.  

Probably not

I doubt my club will introduce it.

Many people not playing in qualifiers will decide on their own rules anyway. 

My committee has not yet made

My committee has not yet made up its mind but because a number of internal groups (eg senior) and other informal groupd have expressed a strong interest (pop primarily), I will be including it in some detail in my upcoming presentations.

CONGU has this to say

CONGU has this to say

In order to maintain a level playing field of the game and preserve the integrity of scores returned for handicap purposes, Model Local Rule E5 is not permitted for Qualifying Competitions or Supplementary Scores.

In the event of a ball being lost, under the Model Local Rule E5 it is up to the player’s best judgement as to where the ball was lost and subsequently where a second ball can be dropped.

Disagreements could arise and add time to the playing of the hole.

The need to play a provisional ball where an element of doubt exists has become common practice and has been for some time. In fairness to the player and the rest of the field any uncertainty has been removed.