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9 hole competitions

Should a club be able to pick and choose whether a competition is a qualifier or non qualifier when playing on a measured course?

Do you think the new handicap rules will be less likely for the rules, both R&A and CONGU, to  be interpreted in different ways? 

The UHS is based on the

The UHS is based on the following fundamental premises:
• every golf club or handicapping authority will, whenever possible run stroke play competitions as qualifying competitions, calculate a Competition Scratch Score and make all handicap adjustments strictly in accordance with the system;

A Non Qualifying Competition is a competition when the requirements of a Qualifying Competition are not satisfied.
In exceptional circumstances only, or with the authority of the Union, the committee in charge of a competition may declare it a Non Qualifying Competition before play commences and must so advise competitors before they commence play.

I can't see how the 2019 Rules of Golf affect the handicapping system.

The exact words of the new WHS (due in 2020) are not yet finalised so no judgement can be made.

But why do you think either are more or less likely to be interpreted in different ways?


Because of words should would

Because of words should would May etc . All our stableford competitions through the winter this year have this been run as non qualifiers with generally placing everywhere. Other sections of the club do this every year anyway but our new ladies committee have decided to do the same! !!

From April when weather conditions improve there is usually a 9 hole weekly role up non qualifying comp . This year they have chosen to elect two as qualifying and 2 as non qualifying. I believe if options on the computer show on measured course and all CONGU  guidelines met shouldn’t be given the option to declare as non q. Hopefully future software will be more accommodating to this fact.    

I am hoping future rules / guidelines by governing bodies will mean more competition will asses play  for handicap purposes not allowing the ease of opting out with the belief your handicap may change when very often software declares comps as NQ rather than committees doing so 

Providing the club provides a

Providing the club provides a good opportunity for all members to play in sifficient qualifiers to support a reasonably accurate handicap, there is not much the authorities can do.

However, if qualifiers and non qualifiers are intermingled with the same conditions, a complaint to the county might cause a warning shot to be fired across their bow.

I suspect a lot of changes will come about in 2020. Course & weather condition decisions will not be at the discretion of the committee.

That is what I am hoping for

That is what I am hoping for there are too many rules/guideline  that allow for different  interpretation

DH are you on other forums too find this one very quiet now 

1) There aren't any rules yet

1) There aren't any WHS rules yet. Just pointers.

2) The Leith Society is always pretty active but that only deals with Rules of Golf not handicapping.