"auld man oot" in foursomes

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"auld man oot" in foursomes
I am sure we are all familiar with the rule/tradition that a golfer who has to play his second shot from behind the ladies' tee is subject to a particular forfeit, that is to say he has to play out that hole with his "old chap" poking out of his trousers. I believe that this tradition began in Scotland, hence the title of this thread.

My question is, what is the rule in foursomes? If my partner nobbles his drive short of the ladies tee, it is me who is playing the second shot, so does the forfeit apply to me? It hardly seems fair, as it was him who foozled his drive.

Or is the right answer that, as it is a team game, we should both suffer the penalty?

For some reason i have been unable to find any guidance on this issue in either the Rules or the Decisions. Can anyone throw any light on this?

Surely if he's "knobbed" it off the tee. It should be he who suffers the penalty.

I wonder if that is why mixed foursomes are sometimes called mixed gruesomes.

There is no equivalent practice for ladies, I guess?

Only because there's no tee's further forward than the Ladies Tom.

Lawman - You'll find the relevant procedures on how to handle this explained in Rule 29-4 and 35-1.There's something in the "etiquette section" as well under: "Things you should never do on the 18.th tee on a crowded day".

Lawman I a scot playing in England now but Im afraid we dont revert to the old rules. In soft england if you dont reach the ladies tee with your drive you have to buy all your playing partners a drink sometimes a Baileys other just a pint. So either the English arent as hardy as us Scots or are just a bit more coy.

Gordon, we don't play golf in kilts in England, so access to the five wood is not as quick and easy.

Tom if I wore my kilt could I play off the ladies tee or is that the laddies tee lol

"So either the English arent as hardy as us Scots or are just a bit more coy."MmmmmmmOr we're not so tight as we would rather get our c***s out than buy a round?!