Ball cleaning on Green

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Ball cleaning on Green
With apologies if this has already appeared. This came up in conversation the other day - that anyone wiping their ball on the surface of the green was liable to a penalty. Can anyone confirm this please?

Unless it's done to test the green it's not a penalty. 16-1d/5  Rubbing Ball on Putting Green for Cleaning Purposes Q. May a player clean his ball by rubbing it on the putting green? A. Yes, provided the act is not for the purpose of testing the surface of the putting green. It is recommended that a ball be cleaned in other ways to eliminate any question as to the player’s intentions.

Thanks Rules Docexcellent reply. 

Well done RD.This is another example of club golfers getting it wrong when their playing partner innocently cleans his ball on the green.   Cleaning it is fine and most people do it, testing the green by rubbing the ball is not allowed, but in UK it is generally not a relevant point as we have no 'grain' or 'nap' to worry about.In the States, Africa or Asia a player could rub his ball on the green to find out which way the grain is going.

Thanks Bob - I do get it right from time to time....

BobWhat is a playing partner ?

can anybody tell me when (what year) this ruling was adopted Peter (/forum/smilies/]

the rule i am talking about is the one which permits cleaning of ball by rubbing on the green 16-1d/5  Rubbing Ball on Putting Green for Cleaning  Purposes  

Peter McGuire2 wrote (see)

the rule i am talking about is the one which permits cleaning of ball by rubbing on the green 16-1d/5  Rubbing Ball on Putting Green for Cleaning  Purposes  

the wording of 16-1d has been with us a long time - it was originally introduced in the 1952 rules, under the then rule 35 - "d. Testing Surface. During the play of a hole, a player shall not test the surface of the putting green; he shall not roll a ball or roughen or scrape the surface" becoming the current rule in 1984. In the absence of any other decision that ruled that stated the opposite to 16-1d/5, it follows that this has been the case since 1952, although there was obviously an incident that generated the decision at some point.

hi the i was playing stableford the other day at my ladies club, the course surfaces was very damp and muddy i was on the putting green and there was mud and moisture on my ball i marked the ball and picked it up, as i didnt want to wipe the mud on my clothes i wiped it on the surface on the green just behind me then replaced the ball and played my shot. as we walked away from the hole one of the ladies that i was playing with said that i wasnt allowed to do that and i should incur a penalty i have looked at the rule book and even rule 16-1d is still not making it clear to me

Since you've posted in this thread, I'd hores presumed you'd read the earlier posts on this point and would therefore  know that the lady you were playing with was talking rubbish...

yes i had read the previous thread but i just needed confrimed by someone else so thank you for responding, i will inform the lady so she doesnt misinform anyone else   IW

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