Can I use an electronic PDA in comps?

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Can I use an electronic PDA in comps?

Just got a new PDA/Smartphone which I just love, particularly with the golf software i've installed on it.

Allows me to keep track of how i'm playing, which club i'm using, etc

Question is am I allowed to use this in comps to maintain my stats or will I have to resort to pen/paper?

The GPS receiver will be left at home, just the software to record i'm using.



If it's just for stats recording why do you need it with you during a round? In fact why do you need pen and paper? I can remember every shot of a round for days afterwards.

GB - I am guessing this ability is something you develop when you are younger and can do without even thinking. Cause i sure as hell can't!My mates still talk in detail about the 5 rounds we played in spain in november, i.e which shot on which hole, whereas i have to concentrate to remember even which course they are talking about.Even at Cawder (as crazy as this sounds) i have to actually think about what hole i am on sometimes!Or maybe i should give up drinking for a while!!Back on topic.......Simon what smartphone and what software do you have?

"i have to actually think about what hole i am on sometimes!"LMFAOFunny

Simon - You are allowed to use your smartphone/PDA during the round with all the information on it optained before your round. You must not use it during your round to e.g. analyse the strokes made in that round.(Dec. 14-3/16)

Thanks Rules Doc - I'm not using it to analyse, just to log new information i.e. how many strokes, putts, fairways hit etc - does that count? All it does it log that data then when I get home allows me to download to the pc for analysis.Mister, i've got a Tmobile Vario with Intelligolf softwareSi

I wuld suggest that as there is no way for others to know what you are doing on your PDA that you leave it in the bag and update it later.You'll need a signed card anyway, no?

It is allowed to use an electronic electronic yardage book, and if you note swing tips on your PDA, the Rule on this is clear - it's allowed to use the information.There is no way for others to know what the player is doing - but as long as the Rules allows the use of a PDA for the things mentioned it's ok with me. I presume, that a player acts within the Rules when he's alone with his PDA - the same way I presume him to act, when he's alone with his ball in deep rough.

Hmmm at my club if you set foot on the course with a mobile you are in breach of club rules...People have had their phones taken off them in the past, especially if the captain or VC see them.

The mobile part can be disabled quite easily while still allowing me to use the pdaThanks Rules Doc for the clarificationSi

I'd be very careful. Artificial devices which are capable of "function x" are not allowed even if "function x" is disabled or turned off. Just carrying the thing in your bag will get you DQ'ed.I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve with your gizmo but, if it has a recall feature for example, so you can see which iron you chose to hit a similar distance on a previous hole, then that's a DQ as far as I can tell.

GB - the only thing carried in a bag, that can get you dq'ed even if you don't use it, is an illegal club.The rest of the gadgets - gps (when no Local Rule), compasses and stuff like that is a reason for dq when used, or if the the equipment, they're connected to is used.Merely having the stuff in your bag turned off is ok.But bevare of course of a Local Rule, that might say something else!

Simon. Where did you get the software from and what does it do?I have a Palm Zire 72 and would love to get hold of something like that. - I spent ages looking for something suitable, found that, played with it a little & bought it at the weekend.Si

"GB - I am guessing this ability is something you develop when you are younger and can do without even thinking. Cause i sure as hell can't!"I didn't start playing more than ince or twice a year until 98/99. I'm 47 now. Not that old, but not young either. I don't find it difficult to do. Try it some day, mark a card and take it home. Read it through and try to recall the shots you hit to reach the recorded score. You'll get it.RD, thanks for that, but I've always been of the opinion that it's better not to put yourself into a position where you might be challenged on anything Rules related. My choice would be leave the bloody thing in the locker, even if it's not a DQ when switched off.

GB - Thanks for the advice. That is exactly what i don't do. I'll try it next time out.

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