claims in matchplay

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claims in matchplay

can player A make a claim after conclusion of match if they did not notify opponent of alleged incident at the time


No, unless the claim relating to a prior hole is based on facts previously unknown to the player making the claim and he had been given wrong information by his opponent. See!rule-02,2-5

thanks DH but does facts also include rules that the claimant did not know, or must they still proceed under rule 2-5 if they did not know the ruling also relating to this, if a committee  continues to pursue this matter after rule 2-5 has not been complied with are the committee in breach of the English golf Union Articles and waiving a rule of golf (2-5) many thanks big GR

It is the player's responsibility to know the rules. If he did not realise that his opponent had breached a rule because he (the player) did not know the rule, that is his problem.  If both players were ignorant of the rule but they agreed to continue they would not be in breach of rule 1-3 (agreeing to waive a rule). They cannot have agreed to something they didn't know. See!decision-01,d1-3-5 I'm not sure if I have fully answered your questions but more details of the incident would help.  

great help DH to clarify player A (after the match had been conceded to player B)  then lodges a claim about a previous hole unknowing to player B  who was never notified at the time player A claims to the committee that player B may have taken advice from a spectator and was unsure of the ruling said nothing but thought they may have claimed the hole and possibly the match as I see it this rule to some extent is protect both players as player B would be unable to defend his or herself for something they may have done or not done at say the 1st hole as my previous blog do you concur that the committee would be waiving rule 2-5 if they considered the claim  

You would need to further detail what advice was given to the player and did he request such advice or was the advice given unrequested. There is a lot of 'advice' which is allowed within the rules such as distance to a hole, direction of play.  

player did not request any advice and was not aware of the incident

Player A was too late in making a claim. The Committee cannot consider this late claim as nothing new was disclosed to A after the match was completed.  

thanks DH your the man in the know having taken your comments on board and after going through the rule over & over &over again as we all do, I now understand new to the site but enjoying all the blogs thanks again big GR 

Interesting, i always thought

Interesting, i always thought was just a bad way of managing the whole work load here but i guess i was wrong on that end, it has been done quite well here i suppose !