"General Play" Revisions

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Yes! I'm sure we'd make a great match!!


Sorry to interrupt this blossoming romance but...Annika, surely you're not condoning the heinous crime of "handicap protection" are you? :-)

Let competition play adjust it, that's not protecting it.

All this rush to get them down............

Just because you play better when relaxing with your mates doesn't mean a thing.

We're properly handicapped to play competition golf.

If you want a lower handicap with your mates then do what Bob says and agree handicaps based on general play.

The people most likely to protect handicaps are not the 18 - 28 brigade but the single figure boys, where a shot is worth having.

: - )

Protecting handicaps is just one word-cheating.
I agree with Nick C - some of us us high h'cappers would give a right arm to get lower.(mind you it may not help!) My ambition is just to be below 20-the point of my thread was non-consistency
over Gen Play cuts. I have just found out that a good pal of mine played in a medal 2 weeks ago - was off same h'cap as me 21- now cut to 19 because he scored 4 under. Exactly the same conditions as I played in a (non-qualifying) comp the previous week (i.e. White tees/winter rules)when I also had 4 under. The only difference was the name of the competition i.e. Medal (which by the way he could not have been increased on)
Does anyone know exactly how the US H'cap system works as I believe it will be introduced here next year????????

Wow now cutting to the chase !!

Now for the slow burn !!! More fuel:

Oz (not UK ?) introduced auto card revision because some A grade getting down to"Macho" single fig with pomp & glory ! were NCR'ing bad cards to keep grade & entry into select events !!

Now A grade cards are auto added .2 if NCR'd

Where dos this fit winter review debate ?

Wort I tink a profound 2XUgggg ! & 1XHow ?

donk !!

In Oz (& no idea if relate to Yanks believe social public course member type play seems to predominate) our AGU & State golf union system is simple:

Social clubs keep their own unless playing in a club event when an AGU hcp prevails & AGU h/cp applicable anywhere in Oz

But all club comp event stroke/medal/s/ford h/capped no matter time of year conditions eg T/up Temp green(do not use pretend grass)plugged balls etc

Handicapper includes even disq card scored better than CCR (drop h/cp not increase)

Did UK use system of 3/4 h/cp for stablford events ? used here until about late 60,s

Also a member of more than one club playing away elsewhere required to use lowest h/cp.

Dropping out/returning to club golf reqs to admit/play on last h/cp, otherwise if some time passed submit five comp (showing total strokes each hole) cards for h/cp

donk (small Ugg like 'make my day')!!

Shorter course with wetter , due global warming , and little frozen conditions .
Adjust the handicap , certainly within the U.K.

Ron ol chap:

global warming & lil freezing dus that meen keep ball in pocket sth of klondike ? Ar Ar

Cos we @ mom subject less to lil freezing than Elnino & worst drought in 150 years & dat do not jus meen no rain fer 14 days !!

donk !!

Whats all the fuss you only go up .1 per comp not per shot so's if you don't want to add .1 don't play comps,you only have 12 medals a year...After all there's enough moaning about high h/caps being bandits but if they play the comps off full h/c then they stand more chance of being cut,which is why most of us play in comps is so we can get to the lowest poss h/c are own ability will allow....
where i play we run a sat/sun club and everyone pays

Nearly understanding the jargon but still a bit befuddled about club system in UK & now realise I also used term 'General Play'

Wot is 'General Play' ?

Appreciate weather control season but I get impression have few organised comp & mostly arrange the day out amongst yorselves

We have 52 week calender & club competition daily more than thousand rnds week probably 1350, with social golfers:

Social only allowed after 3pm behind field

Mon Vet: Tue/Thur female: Wed/Sat both plus juniors: Fri classed medley: Sun RSL in am & pm usually a mixed

Mostly indv stb & 2 ball stb: 2 or a 4 ball ambrose: stroke of whites & @ least ae stroke backmark challenge a month plus the month medal:

Hcp review irrespective conditions; do not use mats & CCR based on results even with a prefered lies; T up; plugged balls; bunkers out of play; heavy casual water; frost etc

Matchplay not uncommon once to have a Club Champs 3rnd stroke then seeded players play 4th rnd matchplay & now pretty well limited to knockout events/pennants: similarly with f/somes

So wot constitutes general play ?

donk !!

Phew - lot of competition golf Donk - sounds great. Not that common in UK, a lot of time social (general play) golf - including prime time weekends.

Of course organised competitions take priority but a lot of club players do not play "club" competition golf sticking to society friendlies, hence the problems with proper handicapping.

Ah so Alan & thanks my frend you can always seem get to bottom line with few words not lime me bush ! sink ! the lot

Tried to grasp it cud not reely comprendea Fyfe expat "not go this way in UK our clubs only matchplay & have one medal comp month"
medal tag also bit confusing until realised may not simply meen stroke etc

Dos this then reflect on earlier discussion club/non member stats focus on tours losing members >cost & trend away frum club golf ?

Resorts started offering social player AGU hcp by playing five rnds year on its course
(income boost)this of course entitles entry & play private course comp

No idea if many have adopted it

Wud a proactive calender save UK clublife ?

Or is it all too entrenched

donk !!

I don't see how you can possibly have your handicap touched in winter using general play rule - I'd be off about 5!
Where I play we have a winter handicaps - basically, summer hcap and you lose a stroke if you win/runner-up in any comp.

Come April 1st you revert back to your official hcap. regardless of how many shots u lost in winter! Only then can your hcap be reviewed.

Oops forgot - all comps are 3/4 of your winter hcap.

Just read all of this thread and there seems to be a wide variety of views plus Donks' unintelligible ones. However I did notice that he/she bit on one answer and actually strung an entire sentence together, it makes you feel so proud when they first do that!

Official comp, proper greens, then should be able to be cut any time of year, Winter conditions compensate for slightly shorter course.(some of our mats are behind the whites).

General play with mates then we operate cutting for winning all year round. You lose 2 shots for 2 weeks each time you win, have seen people on a hot streak come down by 8-10 shots.

Still getting the sour grapes taste from the low boys, my heart is bleeding for them. This appears to be one aspect of the game that doesn't go all their own way. I personally think that we should see the back of 3/4 allowances etc, if you have a handicap then that is what you should play off. Don't really understand allocating handicaps then adjusting them

thort drongos were only found in US or was that a new scot currency ? no hang on a mo thats euro's aint it !

wonder if its got webbed fingers ?

Donk, perhaps the lack of 'proper' competition golf is the reason why a lot of UK handicappers are incorrectly handicapped.

One medal a month (during the season) played off the full course - and how many players play in every competition?

This leaves the 'social golf' brigade playing their Stablefords and putting in cards to the club for 'general play' adjustment. Luckily our club is not too willing to adjust for general play.

I would love to lose a couple of shots and get into the club's first division - but I will only do it by proving it in Strokeplay off the medal tees ----- anything else is a bullshit handicap.

Thanks Alan for clarifying it for me

A genuine hcp tournament stimulation & play any day cotton shirt & trews on 30 courses in hr drive like fresh potable water taken for granted but not the humorless

Calender described common but reported Golf News UK social golf trend & perhaps smaller clubs closing also now factor here but AGU plans to monitor so perhaps hcp system will need closer review here too

One medal a month!? Surely you mean one a week, Alan. There's only 7 playing months from the back blocks so u only get 7 comps a year?

Eight to be precise Gary - proper weekend 'Medal' comps.

There are of course other competitions and mid-week stuff.

Why are they called 'Monthly Medals' if they are played every week?

P/M/T ? Er because ?

We don't have such beasts - they are usually board qualifying comps (all medal bar one which is a bogey comp) or members prizes, (who choose the format - medal/stableford). As such there are probably 2-3 medals/month & a couple of stablefords/month.

Good, plenty to go for.

My previous club had Monthly Medals (prize of money and an engraved medal) - full h'cap.

The trophy competitions (name on the board jobby, money and trophy replica) - if strokeplay most had a max. 18 handicap allowance.

In addition were a variety of pairs, stableford and matchplay competitions to keep you busy.

For handicapping though the acid test is medal comp. and in a lot of clubs for weekend golfers it boils down to about 8 opportunities a year.

.................and a full English during every comp. Gary?

Are you allowed to leave the course during a competition?

Alastair --- with regard to your comments regarding Donk.

I'd rather decipher the Strine than read some of the bollocks written in plain English.


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and you've avoided being a B.B.

Contentious point that Lionel, leaving the course. We have an outside kitchen where brekkie is cooked which is under the verandah of the clubhouse by the 9th green, so u could argue u don't actually leave the course per se. The normal rules apply tho', like going to your locker for extra stuff. There r those who refuse brekkie 'cos they think it is a breach of the rules & have campaigned to discontinue the practice....

Not quite sure what the Rule is about leaving the course during a round but I heard that in a Ladies fourball pairs matchplay event at our club, one player was told by the opposition that her 'team' would lose the hole because one of them left the course to retrieve a ball she had hit Out of Bounds off the tee!

Our 1st & 2nd nines divided by carpark (out of bounds)also 1/2 field off 1st, 1/2 field of 10th req to halt 1/2 way for crossover & hamburgers a keno bet top up the esky etc

dos this meen we DSQ & if can have putt on practice green, slit or catch up stb holes if late or concede matchplay holes & then rejoin to compete the balance

where do they get off or allowed to impose such a weird interpretation unless provided for in local rules ??

or is this an Augusta thingy recal nearly cost Player a major in last rnd @ 18th it is for winner putt last but it had imposed a putt out rule & Player nearly marked his ball a foot from hole to putt out last then recoiled like from a snake putted the win


Need to check that Bob -- Definitions in Rules of Golf say you can stand out of bounds to play a ball within bounds.

I have heard that leaving the course means disqualification - so what constitutes 'leaving'

Checked the Rulebook

Rule 6-8 covers it:-
"Leaving the course does not of itself constitute discontinuance of play"

It appears that disqualification is for 'discontinuance of play.'
So how come the girlies invoked that rule Bob?

I've been looking into this too. The Decisions mentions rule 6-7 "Undue delay".

Q. In stroke play, a group went into the clubhouse after nine holes and watched the final round of a golf tournament on television for 45 minutes. Then the group resumed play. Should the members of the group be penalized under Rule 6-7 (Undue Delay) or Rule 6-8 (Discontinuance of Play)?

A. The competitors should be disqualified under Rule 6-8a.

6-8a/2.5 Discontinuing Play for Refreshment
The Committee may not permit players to discontinue play for refreshment for an extended period during a stipulated round. Such a condition would modify Rule 6-8a.

The Committee may, however, in the conditions of a competition, permit players to discontinue play for a short period of time (e.g. up to five minutes), if it considers there to be good reason (e.g. a danger of dehydration or heat exhaustion in hot climates or a need to warm up in cold climates).

However, since the Rules make specific provision for players to play without undue delay (Rule 6-7) and continuously (Rule 6-8a), such a condition is not recommended.

6-8a/2.7 Entering Clubhouse or Half-Way House for Refreshment During Round
Q. May a player, between the play of two holes, enter the clubhouse or a "half-way house" to obtain a refreshment if he then proceeds immediately to the next tee and consumes the food and/or drink while continuing his round?

A. Yes. A player may enter the clubhouse or a half-way house without penalty (see Note to Rule 6-8a).
However, the player must not unduly delay either his own play or that of his opponent or any other competitor (Rule 6-7).

So it looks as if you can leave the course to buy your refreshment, but can't sit down to eat it!

Sory about the length of that, I cut and pasted it from the USGA decisions site.

Hope that's not a copyright infringement :-(

Thanks for that Nick, we knew you'd come up trumps.

As for why the 'girlies' invoked the 'rule' but can only think that it's a typical case- and happens with men, too - that she/he who speaks loudest and with assertiveness, must be right!

Uh-ho - so those who boycott brekkers (10-15mins) where I play are actually right! Play is discontinued I guess, but not held up. Still, it keeps a small catering concern in business I suppose...

May be politic for major events, daylight limitations or ginormous fields only using off the 1st T

but a slavish pursuence for less importent club fixtures seems archaic & a sure way to reduce participation in club activities

Ruling interesting as its not even honoured in the breach even for major club events eg club championships, proams

fri only day that the club starts the whole field solely off 1st but still break 1/2 way

EG we are required to break @ crossover in case of 1st off in pm field (both 1st/10th used) my group often completed 1st/9 in 1hr 40 & then have to wait 30 mins for 10th T

The whole field (up to 240) required break @ 1/2 way min 10min, hot steak sangers etc bar open tables provided & stubbie take out but food beverage rarely eaten (except last mouthfull) on the fly

its an 'institution'

even considering to push thru frowned on !

wot pleasure the neanderthols ??


oh & just looked @ the rule 6.7 6.8 a, b & notes allows 'committee' to lay down a pace of play & leaving a course during matchplay does not itself constitute a discontinuance of of play 'heavy'

So despite USGA ruling as R & A deals with UK does this then perchance offer a window of oppurtunity for a committee to determine it is OK to break ten mins for snack after all kept to that only extends day 10 mins ?


Oh & Lional

only if we can hav grades or stars er like ebay so we kno if we made it in the society strata & say a list like a lil bit, just a bit, a reely bit, or relly !~ relly !~ ol fart boring