Handicap after illness.

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Handicap after illness.


I am returning to golf after three years. I am in remission from cancer, having had chemotherapy. My question concerns handicaps. My previous one was 12. I am now playing to nearer 28.  Can my club handicap committee change my handicap significantly upwards?  I have not yet put in three cards, but am hoping to do so as I get stronger.

Yes I think they can.... but

Yes I think they can.... but heck, after what you’ve been through, that’s the last of your cares!


Great News 

Good news.

Good news.

Did you maintain your club membership? If so, the committee can change your handicap appropriately. You don't necessarily have to put in 3 cards for them to do that but as your 'C' status will have lapsed, three scores will be required to reinstate the status. They can also be used as a marker to determine what adjustment may be necessary. 

If not, you must put in three cards as your handicap will have lapsed. The club must be sure to use your original CDH Lifetime ID.

In both cases, they should keep an eye on your results for a few months and make any adjustments necessary.




Handicap after illness

Thanks for the kind and positive replies. I didn't maintain my membership, mainly because I thought I would not play again.  

Sorry, but I do have another question about handicaps. Can you get one based on three cards of nine holes?  (At an 18 holes course.)  I am not thinking of competitions.  I'm retired and just want to get playing again with my mates in mid-week 9 holes games. Knowing them, the chance of getting extra shots is nil.  They are more likely to knock a couple of shots off.  

Thanks once again for the helpful replies. 

You need a minimum of 54

You need a minimum of 54 holes. 3 x 18, 6 x 9 or a combination.

Do you have 9 holes rated as a 9 hole course?

Handicap after illness

18 holes course.

I could manage 6 x 9 holes perhaps.  I ought to have mentioned that I now have permanent nerve damage, so I'll never be 12 again.  I've really got the bug though.  I've been out practising in the bad weather. 

Do you have a specific 9 hole

Do you have a specific 9 hole rating for the front or back 9 holes?



No.  It is just a straightforward 18 holes.  The second nine are harder and hillier.

I'm afraid that to return 9

I'm afraid that to return 9 hole scores they must be played over a rated 9 holes. Normally the front nine. Any tees can be rated.

9 hole competitions are becoming more popular due to players being short of time, short of energy or long of age.

As it is a paper excercise and only requires a form to be sent to EG and a couple of days to get it back, it may be worth speaking to your handicap/competitions secretary.



Thanks for the helpful replies DH.