New CONGU rules for 2018

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New CONGU rules for 2018

So after tomorrow, handicaps will be able to rise above the current limits of 28 & 36, up to a maximum 54.  Do any clubs have issues with this?  We have a few members who could potentially go up quite a lot and I wondered if any other clubs are considering their options.  Do any clubs have a handicap limit on competitions?



1) Handicap limits may be apply to restrict entry (eg entry restricted to h'cap of 18 or lower)


2) Handicaps may not be restricted when playing match play (eg 24 capper must play off 18) 

3) Handicaps may be limited in strokeplay for prize purposes only but full handicap must be used for handicap adjustments and CSS calculations.

Thanks, DH.  So the rules

Thanks, DH.  So the rules allow a limit to be set on competitions, provided adjustments are based on the official CONGU handicaps.  Though, I'm wondering if it's mean-spirited to do this.  After all, the handicapping system is to allow players of all abilities to compete...  OTOH, is it fair that someone could carry off the trophy with a gross score of 110+?

See para 3 again.

See para 3 again.

Although it may be outside the strict principles of the UHS, handicaps in strokeplay may be reduced for prize purposes. A trophy would be considered a prize.

Dec.1(j) Limitation of handicaps in Qualifying Competitions
Q. May an Affiliated Club impose a limit of handicap to some of their Qualifying Competitions e.g.
insist that a player with a Playing Handicap of 27 competes from a handicap of 18?

A. This is contrary to the spirit of the UHS. Players must be allowed to play from their established handicap.The player must play off full handicap and the correct Playing Handicap must be used when calculating the Competition Scratch Score. The organising Committee may then adjust the
scores for the purpose of awarding prizes for the competition.