RIGHT to a handicap certificate?

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RIGHT to a handicap certificate?
Have we a RIGHT to a copy of a handicap cetificate from our club? Is there a governing body that controls the activities of Comps and Handicap secs.? My membership is currently suspended and in order to play elsewhere, until it is resolved, I have requested a Handicap cert. But have not even had the courtesy of a reply. Any EGU control on this issue?.

'Fraid that whilst you are suspended, your handicap is also suspended, so you can't play anywhere else (where a certificate is required, at least)  until resolved.  Whilst I would agree that not replying is discourteous, they would not be able to provide a handicap certificate under these circumstances.

Thanks for that Phil. What if my membership was eventually withdrawn? any idea what the situation would be then?

Then you'll presumably not be a member anywhere and, as such, will not have an authorised CONGU handicap, they being only available to members of club affiliated to the national golf unions.  Not knowing the circumstances of your suspension it would be difficult to comment on what impact it might have when you try and join another club, which would be the only way to regain a handicap.Phil 

HawkerThere is a requirement by CONGU that a player's handicap must not be suspended without first affording him the opportunity of appearing before the Disciplinary Committee or other body. If this has not happened you should inform your secretary of the club's obligations under clause 24.1 and possibly seek the advice of the EGU.You secretary must allow you access to the CONGU manual (Clause 24 in particular) so that you can be aware of your rights and obligations.

DH you are the master - thanks

Why the suspension? That's what we all want to know!

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