FS Ping G10 Irons 5 - SW Black Dot Regular

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FS Ping G10 Irons 5 - SW Black Dot Regular

Bought these brand new and used for 4 rounds. Mint condition due to hardly being hit!

All standard, apart from the grips are slightly thicker than standard (equivalent to 2 layers of tape)

Would accept £280 delivered.

Email for pics.

??260 delivered to someone on here (usual paypal gift chat). Need to shift these sharpish, bidding on replacement!!!

u hate them, we all know it so your desperate to sell give you 7 pound haha

Amazing irons. Long, forgiving, penetrating, workable, accurate, good spin from short irons, beautiful to look at. I f****n loves them!!!!! I have a tear in my eye putting them up for sale!!

Might keep these beauties, be quick before I change my mind

Beautiful eh. Cheers for that

Didn't see the 2nd one. You have sabotaged my sale. Thank you.

Is that what you piss into through the night auld yin?

Ping are a desirable brand - you should be able to sell these easy.

I need patience. I don't have any. Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey who plays with shovels...

Stunning condition set of Ping G10 irons. I've only used these for 3 rounds - they are less than a month old. Very minor signs of use - slight marking to sole and face on some but other than that look the same as when I bought them. Beautiful and very forgiving irons!They are all as standard apart from slightly thicker grips (equivalent of 2 layers of tape). Grips and shafts as new.G10 irons are probably the easiest irons to use ever.  Very accurate and extremely forgiving. I will put a fair Buy It Now for a quick sale.Good luck everyone! Poetic Licence?

They are forgiving and accurate. They also happen to be ugly as fuck!!!!!

M'Lud, I present my evidence

CS (15.3) wrote (see)

Had Burner 09 irons - worked decent but got bored after 2 years. Fancied Pings so swapped them for a set of Ping G10s. I just don't seem to be able to use them. They're big, and funny shaped, and I'm not sure how to bloody swing them. Everything I hit is shit! Is this normal? Should I stick with them or give up on the ugly f*ckers?

Everything 'I' hit is shit. They don't suit my eye. However, if you are a shit gfer, they'd be ideal.

You'd not like the look of MX-900 3 iron then