WTD: Cleveland Niblick 49* (or poss 42*)

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WTD: Cleveland Niblick 49* (or poss 42*)

ha ha

I'm turning into Mowgli with all this crap!!!

Anybody got one? Think I didn't give it enough time last time (yes, I have owned one before ha ha)

i have a 42 in the classifieds.

played a couple of times with my 49 niblick, still getting to grips with it, need to persevere, skulled a few across the greens but also nailed a few, there's definitely something with the Cleveland zip grooves though, never tried one of their wedges before, makes me want to get some of their proper CG wedges.

Give me a shout when the inevitable happens, maybe in time for the new season, I'll give it a good home

haha, I almost gave you a shout yesterday, but then i'll never improve if i don't give stuff time! do watch this space though

Just bought a 42* from BT@Home so give it a wee while at least ha ha

isn't 42 degrees a 9 iron?

It's the PW, probably smaller than my irons though!! Ha ha I found the 49 was freaking awesome on approach shots 80 - 90 yards. Like, awesome! Didn't quite chip like I wanted - not enough run out.

Niblick's are for Noblick golfers!  

SP's not suffering fools today!

Noblicks are those who use apostrophes incorrectly SP

And as you know, I am probably the target market - crap golfers

^ that'll be me too then! I also despise poor grammar!

poor punctuation and spelling too. Never mind golf lessons, some people need to go back to school !

CS (15.3) wrote (see)

Noblicks are those who use apostrophes incorrectly SP

I don't remember putting that one in, where it clearly isn't called for!  

Used this today - what a club. Chipped out of all sorts around the green, pitching it lovely too. Especially impressive were the full shots. Consistently flew it to the green, none of that slicing or duffing it business. I love this club!


Easily. I'll not get to play for another 6 weeks again

liking the zip grooves? I was hugely impressed. Didn't think I was good enough to make a ball stop dead, makes me want to get some CG15s