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Anyone got a clue where the seach function has been hidden?

I honestly don't know why i still visit this site (probably habit) if it's not slow loading full page ads, its faulty forum issues etc

I wonder if it is these simple things that prevent this site being as popular as others,  every other forum/site i've ever visited has had none of the issues of this one, and quite a few of those were funded and run by individuals, not companies.

For the time beieng

Just head to - it's not 'finished' yet in terms of how it looks, what exactly it does, how the results are returned, or how much of the site is indexed, but basic functionality is there now if you need it.

Thanks Guys, the search

Thanks Guys, the search function in the link above worked great, 1st result was the one i was looking for. 

I don't suppose we could lose the domineering ads now could we yes

Get on to Google Chrome. No

Get on to Google Chrome. No Ads here!