Sort The Site Out !!!

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Sort The Site Out !!!

For Gods sake do something about the state of the site!!!! It's about time someone from GM posted up just exactly what the hell is going on. I find it shocking that no one has / is bothered about the forum and the state of it. If GM aren't bothered about it, then why should we be?

Sadly , you know the answer.

Sadly , you know the answer.

As I've said before

GM are no longer bothered about this site. They don't even mention new competitions on here. I think it would be kinder if they just came out and said it. "Sorry guys, the forum is not core to our business and we will be discontinuing it. We will continue the community on Facebook and Twitter and hope to see you all over there"
Of course, none of this is what we want but this is more like a bad relationship, just dragging on with one partner still wanting it to work, and the other not caring.

I have to say I'm not sure it

I have to say I'm not sure it'll make a blind bit of difference anyway. The forum works, and changing it to whatever format CF wants will not make a blind bit of difference to the way the forum is used (to be frank I don't know what the problems are as, as it seems to be able to do most things that other forums do, albeit slightly differently)

Basically there is a set of core people on here, but nobody bothers to post, and when there is only half a dozen people it's not going to be buzzing ... most people only appear so they can moan about it. I really do wonder if anybody on here actually plays golf anymore. There is no reason (at forum software wise) for people to not post on here .... and yet it doesn't happen. Trying to bring back the memories from previous years gone by wont really happen.

I have no problem with the Facebook/Twitter community ... it clearly has a larger user base than here, so no surprise it's getting more hits.

Depends on why you want to

Depends on why you want to join. Keep in touch with family, use it for sharing info between friends.

Personally I have a group that a friends use, and we organise our golf through it.

If you follow enough other pages you'll get all the golf news in one place.


Hi Guy and Girls, wow, how this site has changed, and by the sounds of it not for the good of the forum. what a shame

I don't think you'll see

I don't think you'll see anything different than what's on the main site.

The main difference is that if you follow lots of other pages you can see all the content in one place, without visiting multiple sites.

Correct MTP. I'm trying to

Correct MTP. I'm trying to keep this going for as long as possible hoping beyond all hope that the forum will recover, but it seems the ones in charge, as usual don't give a toss.

I'll tell you why the forum

I'll tell you why the forum is worth keeping alive Mr BT, and if they could make it like Golf Monthly, simple and easy to use, that would help, because whilst at work I cannot get on Facebook. So if you want to allow everyone to comment throughout the day then you need to keep this platform available. If all you are interested in are retired people then just let this die and as Robster, says tell the remaining six of us to fluck off and use Facebook.

Golf Rules and Handicapping

Where can I find DH and all the other helpful people

We still have a rules section

We still have a rules section!!!?