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Don't know if anyone else is affected, but for me the site is currently unusable on android tablet thanks to the overly intrusive ad for the UFC2 game.

It seems to pop up every second page I look at, taking up the whole screen,  and is hard to close down. 

I'll come back in a week or so to see if any better. I know the site makes its money through the ads,  I don't have an issue with that.  But when it gets to the point of making a site virtually unusable,  something has gone wrong. 

In the meantime I will leave GM and EA Sports with a question. ..... do you think I am now more likely to buy the game?  Or less likely? 

I have the same problem using safari. Ad's cover the whole screen and can't be shifted without leaving the GM site. The milk one is especially bad. lll thought out campaigns, poorly executed.

Running Firefox with ad blocker, and I don't get the ads. However what I am getting is serious slowness with page loading as a result. Not happy

Pointed this out weeks ago.

Just when you think this place can't balls it up any more, it excels itself.....

I must be unlucky, only pop in occasionally now but these days whenever I do I get problems with ads like MC .

There's ad's on here???? 

Anyone know a good ad blocker for Android? 

The "Off" button 

Agreed I like reading golfmagic ,but this stupid advert is ruining it ,and making me log on less. Can you fix it plz ? 

It seems to have stopped.  Maybe it was fixed? Or maybe the campaign had run its course? 

The UFC 2 ad has stopped but I can't use the site via Google due to ads. The page just freezes. Quite annoying.

I now browse through adblock.

Aaargh I was wrong. It may not be appearing on my tablet, but it's still on my phone this morning. 4 page views, 4 full screen ufc2 pop ups. Its an animated vid too, eating my data. Tantamount to theft.

Yep. Affecting me too! It's incredibly intrusive and annoying. There should be an option to switch it off completely after seeing it 3 times or so.

"Tantamount to theft".

That's a proper diva strop that is, McS !

It's now a feckin Tesco ad that takes me to a new page!

Bridgey was 11 once wrote (see)

"Tantamount to theft". That's a proper diva strop that is, McS !

I don't do strops, just cogent,  well reasoned assessments

This site is now unusable on mobile. I'm sure the advertisers will be pleased to hear that.