40th birthday bash

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40th birthday bash

Hi All,

I am after somewhere to go for my 40th birthday bash...

Would like the trip to include..

2 nights with 3 rounds of golf for 12 - 16 people.

anywhere England, Scotland or Wales

Not bothered if its a resort style set up or somewhere where we just get a central base around 3 hidden gems.

Pretty new to golf so not done much of this sort of thing, any ideas from those that have would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Bournemouth - Meyrick Park, Parkstone and Queens Park.

taz has a point, but play Parkstone, Broadstone and Ferndown (or Remedy Oak and Isle if Purbeck!) or, stay at Strady Park Hotel nr Bridgend...  Royal Porthcawl, Ashburnham, Pennard, P&K or Southerndown, Or Macynys etc etc Southport??????

Ian - colourboy is 'pretty new' to golf - they might not get on at RP, P&K or Southerndown. The reason I suggested Meyrick & Queens is they are great for a lads day out, easy to get on and a reasonable price, plus the fact they are all near to town. You don't have to play the 'premier' courses, though I suppose Parkstone would be special.

Good advice...sorry for wading in!  As ever I only read half the post!  Meyrick and Queens are good public courses and Bournemouth is great for a night out!  In the South Wales one, Macynys will take your money without question, and if you spoke to the Secretaries at Southerndown and Pyle & Kenfig, they are pretty flexible midweek.  Both are great intros to Links Golf without beating you up.  The Strady Park is a good hotel too without being expensive,,,,they'll go you a decent 40th birthday meal too. I have used both http://www.southwalesgolfbreaks.com/ and http://www.yourgolftravel.com/  for this sort of trip and they get some decent deals.... If you can talk to Andrew Harding at YGT, explain the golf experience of the party and he'll sort you out!

My 40th next year.  We're going to Wales to play St Peirre, Royal Pawthcawl and Celic Manor 2010 course.  Should be a belter.

Diablo1072 wrote (see)

My 40th next year.  We're going to Wales to play St Peirre, Royal Pawthcawl and Celic Manor 2010 course.  Should be a belter.

Hopefully your birthday falls in June/July/August???

Sounds good to me!  I live just across the road from St P..hope the weather is kind!

yo ian......... thought quoting and promoting links to websites was against the rules? My Spanish golf holidays website is almost finished if you want to take a sneak preview I will send you the link? I really would appreciate any input and/or suggestions with regard to improvements/changes etc? Thanks Stuart

thanks Taz and Ian will have a look at these for a start. Also will give YGT a call.

My wife was asking about my 40th - I don't want to think about it

My birthday is at the end of November.  So for my 40th I went to Palm Springs for a week on the golf course!  In fact, I met up with a bloke off Golf Magic out there....what happened to Rodney Dean?

Come to Ireland. loads of options.

Come to Spain.. Better weather with a huge choice of superb courses..