A day out

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A day out
I fancied a change of scenery today so took an hours drive to a different course. I managed to join up with some other guys and made up a fourball. The weather was absolutely perfect with light winds although these did get up around the turn. The fairways were firm and fast and the greens very fair but not overly fast. We played off the whites (6700+ yds) and I started well with 3 pars and a bogey in the first 4 holes and I think that my playing partners were about to ask if I had a Mexican passport! I was still 1 under nett on the 14th tee but a tee shot OB and some poor putting for the rest of the round soon put paid to that. I finished the round with 4 pars, 8 bogeys & 6 others for a total of 97/nett 79 with 33% GIR and 63% of fairways hit. What really destroyed the scorecard was a 9 at the 17th. That Road hole is a killer!

What was the course simon ?

Arrived at 0530 to find myself 18th in the queue. The first guy was there at 0345! Managed to get out at 1100 so it was worth the wait. I spent a lot of the time practicing on the putting green - not that it showed.

How does this queueing work then guys?

To get a tee time on the Old course there are four ways. For groups of 2 to 4 you can book a year in advance by Email from 7/9/2011 for 2012. In practice this means sending your email as close to the opening time of reservations as possible. Option two is to enter the ballot for the following days play and see if you are lucky. Option three which app us to any number of golfers is to pay way OTT to one of the companies which have guaranteed tee times.
Foe solo golfers there is the option of "approaching the starter" on the day. The starter usually arrives 30minutes before the first tee time of the day. How early you decide to arrive is up to you but my previous post will give you an idea of timings. I'm told that the first in the queue normally arrives around 4am. It is a good idea to keep an eye on the ballot so you have an idea of the number of spare spaces available. As well as the spares, there were also about eight no shows this morning.
If you decide to give it a try then as long as you have the time to wait then you will probably get out. The banter in the queue is great.

Remember that the max hcp is 24 for men and 36 for women. You will need a handicap certificate to prove this. It will be checked.

Thanks a lot for that Simon, i think i will give option 4 a go next year sometime when i'm up visiting the in-laws in Edinburgh

Very interesting post Simon.Did not know about the option to queue.  Were there any ladies queueing?

I'll queue with you Mary

There were three ladies in the queue. Two Japanese and an Italian. The green fee is currently

Yorkey wrote (see)

I'll queue with you Mary

Best offer I've had all year. Thanks for the additional info Simon.  Any photos?

Great post Simon. How can you play golf in the dark tho'? 

Excellent post Simon.....Mary - I'll play a round with you and we can compare putters.  Crazyface....up here in God's country God has given us dispensation to play golf at anytime of the day, or night up here.  I was playing at 11pm last night and was up at 4.30am in brilliant sunshine.  It doesn't really get dark at all up here at this time of the year.Ken

Simon - Well played - what a splendid idea - might do it myself sometime

Nice short story to start my day Simon...