All inclusive Golf Holidays

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All inclusive Golf Holidays

My club captain has asked me to find a place to go next May for 12 players.. He mentioned the Algarve but he wants all inclusive, preferably with golf courses on site (like Turkey).. I know my way around the ALgarve and have not been able to find anywhere that fulfills the criteria perfectly at the western end. There is the Holiday Inn at Pera and the Delfim in Alvor but they will mean travelling to play!!  In the East here is the Robinson at Quinta do Rio and the next is El Rompido over the boarder in Spain which is the leader at the moment.. Anybody played at El Rompido or stayed at the hotel please...  OR has anybody stayed at anywhere really fabulous (Not in a Muslim country!!) with great courses anywhere else in SPain that fills the bill.. Oh! and we really need to be able to get there from Leeds so Malaga, Barcelona are ok Murcia isnt! thanks..

The Islantilla resort just over the border from the Algarve may be worth a look as it quite well reviewed on Tripadvisor.

MTP I find most countries people are very friendly when they are taking your money off you. 

Really nice