alreet ?

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alreet ?
What's gannin on ? Don't post on forums much these days as I spend most of my waking hours grafting. Had a canny year, won two comps ! Only took me twenty years and won two within a month. Anyway, I'm 50 next year which on the one hand makes me quite sad but then I think of my wife's best friend who died five years ago in her mid thirties and never got the chance to see her two sons growing up and reaching the ripe old age of 50. Thinking of organising a couple of trips this year using regional tournaments to keep the cost down. Anyone on here ever done this ? And if so, got any you could recommended?

Hi, sorry I missed your note.  Whereabouts are you?  There are loads of opens in most clubs you can go for.  Up here we have "The Little Yellow Book" which lists them all.

September. Morecambe Bay Golf Festival. Open competitions and team events across three courses: Lancaster, Morecambe and Heysham.

West Cornwall Golf Festival in July.... very good indeed

Cheers folks, still relatively early but two we have marked as possibilities are the Lincolnshire swing and the Wirral golf tour.