Anahita, Mauritius

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Anahita, Mauritius

Just returned from a couple of weeks out in Mauritius at the Anahita resort.  I can vouch for one thing, Mr Els can design a good golf course (18th at Wentworth not withstanding).  Great place and I cant praise it enough.  Fiercely long of the White Tees and just forget it off the "Ernie's".  Playable off of Blue if you are having a rest day. Some stunning views, Par 5 4th, "Ocean Drive" plays straight into wind.....4 iron from 80yds into green was fun.

Looks fantastic mate.

I bet that's Becky's ball on the front of the green!

Nope, that's my flushed 4 iron from 80yds that came up short.  Seem to recall that she ended up hooking it left.Next year keep your eye ut for that offer in May - July, its a cracker.  Mind you, being a contractor you can afford to go at any time of the year

See me the info eh?You are overdue a visit to the new gaff!

If I ever get a weekend in the UK I will be sure to let you know, work travel is crazy at present, diary full till December