Any Advice for a trip to america?

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Any Advice for a trip to america?

Got a spam email from yourgolftravel with some deals for trips to america, about a grand for 7 nights and 7 rouds at the PGA National....

And a few places like sawgrass and Doral have good deals too?

I've some indirect experience with the comapny and they seem alright, but has anyone, been on a trip to the USA that has any reccomendations for the last week in april time?

I did the trip to Sawgrass booked through with Lotus Supertravel or YGT (can't rememeber which!) Flew to Orlando - one night in hotel there then 90 mins up the interstate to Ponte Vedre.  Stayed in the Sawgrass Marriott.  Nice hotel right by the course, nice area (beaches, things to see and do etc)   2 great courses on site.  Much nicer than Orlando!  Well worth the trip!

Thanks, only caution ive had is just how lethargic Florida is this something you noticed, my argument was that holidays are basically lethargy excersizes

No idea what you might mean.  Service in the hotel and surrounding restaurants was top rate.  Arrive and the golf course and bag is taken from your car and is then waiting for you on the practice tee.  A bit more relaxed feel  than New York, but thank goodness for that!

Yeah, I think im worrying about nothing, any idea what the season is?  I remember Bermuda being basically unplayable in peak summer due to heat/ dry land?...

florida indepentantly, forget the companies. great golf, cheap car hire, golf coueses everywhere. simples. Late april will be good, not too humid then.

or late Oct / nov

CBE We'll have a chat tomorrow about the USA, I go stateside independantly for a month every other year and its a hell of a lot cheaper and easier than you would think.