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Hoping to visit Bali next year and take the bats. Looking for ideas were to stay for playing and thoughts on the courses there.

No one leaves messages here.Count me in~anyway, if you need any golf clubs, let me know.Related products:taylormade r7ping g15callaway x22titleist ap2come form

Thought the golf a bit pricey @ US$ 195 a round so left the bats in Hong Kong and went surfing instead!

Luke, back in November 1996 I stayed at the Grand Bali Beach hotel at Sanur. It has it's own 9-hole course which, at the time, was free to guests staying half board. You get a compulsory caddie for next to nothing and it's customary to buy them refreshments on the way round. There's a bit of water and if you find it one of the local kids will dive in and retrieve it for you for a few pence. Trouble is the humidity make playing very uncomfortable. We tried teeing off at 5.00am and also in the evening but you don't get much dusk, it goes from light to dark very quickly.  The heat and humidity combined is such that you feel like you're playing in the rain - take loads of gloves, you'll change one every other hole! To be honest if we went back, which I would as it's a great holiday, I wouldn't bother playing golf. There's so much to see and do and you can fill every day of your holiday with sights, sounds and smells that you just won't get anywhere else.Have a great holiday - it's almost impossible not to!

Thanks Tim, i live in Malaysia so to say the least am used to the heat and humidity to a point. Love playing here especially when i read about all the frustrated weather watchers in the UK. Tend to change my glove every other hole although just discovered this anti sweating stuff which is supposed to work?? Will see. Bali is only a couple of hours away so will jump on a cheap Air Asia flight sometime this year and see what its like, always take the clubs with me as never miss an opportunity to play. Will report back. Cheers.

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