Barbados on a budget

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Barbados on a budget
Have you played golf in Barbados or any of the Caribbean islands? What destinations and courses do you recommend? Can any of us afford it in these stringent times? Are you staying closer to home for your holiday golf in 2009? Is so, where? ED

Almost £200 per head per night... in hurricane season. Bob, your correspondent and I obviously have different takes on words like "budget" and "affordable"

It's all relative Gary. If someone's prepared to send me a 'rough guide to golf' - where in the world you can play 18 holes, have a three course meal, B&B with en-suite facilities, a caddie and still have change from a fiver, I'd publish it tomorrow - once I'd authenticated it!

I played and stayed at Royal Westmoreland last New Year if I remember it cost £75-£80 per round.The course was realy good the par 3 are fantastic the greens take a bit of getting use to because of the grain.We were introduced to a member and that saved us a few pounds.I hope this is of help

I am leaving for Orlando on 29th and plan to play a few rounds while I am there .I have played a few courses Celebration,Orange County,Falcon's Fire a great wee course is Diamond Back it is off Highway 27 but at about $35 well worth a visit.

Carribbean? tooooooo rich for me Bob.With the £ in freefall even the Eurozone countries are starting to look expensive.Maybe its time to play some courses upp north

Bob,Is a Ferrari 430 "affordable" just because it's cheaper than a 599 or a 612? Read some of your members' tales about losing their jobs (or being worried for them) and then say £1200+ (with flights) for a 4-day jaunt is affordable!

I've just got back from Barbados this morning, I played 2 rounds of golf, One at the Barbados Golf & country club which was fantastic! stunning course in fabulous condition. We payed $300 (Bajan) at current exchange rates ~ £96 For 18 holes of golf with Lunch, Club and Buggie hire also $20 (Bajan) for some Golf balls from the Caddie MasterShame the Weather was Terrible, A tropical rainstorm lasting for 20 hours, but it didn't do anything to dampen the Golf, Well apart from soaking us through to the bones, but at least the temperature was still 30 DegreesSuperb value on a cracking course!Then we played Rockley Golf course just outside Bridgetown, which is a brilliantly designed 9 holer, this cost $200 (Bajan) ~ £65 for 18 holes inc club and Buggie! Once again Tremendous value on a cracking Undulating track!Would recomend both courses to anybody going, But do take some Golf shoes as they don't hire them out, Golf balls are Ridiculously expensive ~ £15 for a sleeve of three NXT's or £20 For a Sleeve of last years Prov 1's  

Off to Barbados on June 22nd for a week, Wifes 50th. Taking our clubs (free on Virgin) and just read your post 1 over (very helpful) so without club hire and hopefully no buggy (sooner walk) would i be looking at about £60 to £70 a round ?  

 I played at the Barbados Golf course and it has to be done! When I went to book the round I asked the price and it was £100-00 in English money. I asked if I could get a discount and the gent said "It depended who I knew?" I said "I know you!" He laughed and said "O.K. that will be £50-00 !"I found all Babadians like this. Tremendously friendly, especially when you approached them in the right way. Amazingly I met up with a friend called Tony Clark from our neighbouring Golf Club (Falmouth, Cornwall) while I was there and we played together.Following a most enjoable round we had a couple of beers and asked about the Westmorland course as it appeared very private to us. The gent who booked me in originally then arranged for us to play with him at Westmorland for FREE. Annoyingly I was flying home the next day and I was unable to play but my mate Tony did. What an experience!I personally think Barbados is easily the best place I`ve ever been and the locals are brilliant. I was going to play Golf whatever the cost but I realised a lot of Hotels etc. do have very good deals with the Golf clubs and it certainly pays to ask! The choice of clubs to hire were Titliest or Callaway and you can`t get much better than that.Keith Rashleigh

  OI, OI. OI    !


Oggeey.... Oggeeeey.....Oggeeeeeeeey, !!


I should very much like to give a full account on here of my nine months staying in the West Indies on business and travelling to various islands, playing golf with Gary Sobers at Sandy Lane, Barbados and at Caymanas GC in Jamaica and learning much about life from him.That was 33 years years ago and I cant imagine in the present hostile climate on the board from certain quarters that a descriptive post from me would be of interest?!

Dermot, Hastings is on the south coast of the island, and both clubs are a 10-15min cab ride either side of St lawrences gap where I stayed. Rockley G/C is toward Bridgetown and Barbados Country Club is back toward the Airport, We got a taxi from outside the Hotel (we stayed at the Escape) and it was only $40 Bajan for the return trip (About £12) The driver gave his Mobile number to the receptionist and she called him while we were having a well deserved Bank's Beer on the terrace after the game! If you have your own clubs and wish to walk (I wouldn't walk if you play Rockley) then you should get the Greenfees for around £50-60!You will love Barbados! (if you haven't already been) Its Probably the friendliest Carribean Island I have been to!   

Bloody Cornish! 

Cheers for that 1 Over, 1st choice will be Barbados CC as that sounds the best then if i can wangle it with the Missus (her 50th) play Rockley

No Problem! (you'll hear that loads in Bados!) Enjoy!  See if you can Emulate My closing hole on the Par 5, 18th at the Barbados C/C!Nice Drive down the right, Followed by a layup (read mishit) land right of the Fairway in the deep cabbage, leaving 150 yds to go, and the Bloody great tree (you'll see!) blotting out your whole view of the Green! 7 Iron out of the Bermuda grass rough over the tree and land 2 feet to the left of the Pin!  Buy all the Drinks for the rest of the day!....... Well a bets a bet!

Like the sound of a 7 Iron 150 yards from the rough to within 2 feet of the pin, shame about the putt 

Bank's is good, But I prefer Carib!   

While you are in Barbados catch the local bus (that`s fun, they know your a tourist and they pull you on board and push you off. No need to ask where you are getting off, they know!) to OISTINS on a Friday (only) evening. That is when the locals come out to Party!Bob Marley stuff etc. all night long also country music at one end.Fabulous open air fish restaurants (o.k. tables) to choose an amazing selection of fish dishes. We had Dolphin (not Beaky!) at very good prices. Great atmosphere and Banks beer everywhere so no problem getting a drink. OISTINS is a fishing port on the South coast. Lots to savour including the open air market. everyone very, very friendly. You`ll be back!Also St. Lawrence gap is the in-place for night life. Lots of bars and hotels with free entertainment if you look for it. Look out for the "happy hours" they run concurrently 2 for1. start at the Mexican (brilliant) opposite the big church which doubles up as a "storm " centre. Then see how far you can get on those fabulous Rum punches!!!!

Dermot, Try the Reggae lounge in the Gap, it gets going about midnight! The Ship Inn is the place to meet in St Lawrences gap! Loads of good bars. One place called the RASTA-RAUNT its a little out of the way and not in a Tourist area, its in St Philips north of the airport, But sells great local food not a single Burger or Chips dish on the menu! Coo Coo (Like Pease Pudding) and Fry fish, pepperpot (Stew), Oxtail rice an peas and Stuffin' its unbelieveably cheap! We spent most of the afternoon and all evening in there, We got there a bit after 1PM ate lunch, Drank Punch, ate Dinner, then spent the rest of the night drinking Beer and Rum, listening to music and talking to the Locals til 3AM. Total cost for 4 of us! ~ The owner was so Drunk, She was asleep on a table and the Barman had lost count of how much Beer, Rum and Food we had consumed that he just said Hell Man Just make it $150 (Bajan) about £50 for a 14 hour session!   As Keith says Oistins is the place to go. Its fish lovers paradise! Friday is 'Lime' Night (Local Chill out night) and one of the Biggest party nights of the Week.June is a great time to go as the Flying fish are back in the Carribean waters and subsequently back on the Menu in Fresh (rather than frozen) form! Delicious!Go steady on the Rum punch mate some bars use 151* overproof Rum to make it! I fell foul of this one night and boyo did my head hurt the next day!  

Cheers Guys, might not have time for any Golf, (joking) with all these places to visit. Barbados weather in Newquay today, actually got a bit of sunburn