Blackpool Trip

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Blackpool Trip

Got back last night after a three day golfing trip. Just me and two mates. We played Bramhall Park on the Sunday, great course with some really interesting holes. St Annes links on the Monday, brilliant course and made to fell really welcome by the pro. Tuesday was Charnock Richard which would have been better if it wasn't so wet, I think it caught all the rain earlier in the week, it also had some really good holes, the 16th being the pick for me. A par three that looked like it had been designed and just just plopped into the course.  I was chased off by a swan when attemping to take a piccy of it and six large cynets, is that right?

Best bit? Turning up as St Annes in brilliant sunshine and seeing a superb course. Watching the pro at St Annes practice chipping to tee peg positions and playing bump and run and then Phil Mick floaty ones with the same club. Then casually walking on to the green and flick bounce into a little bag the balls would go, soooo cool.

Our golf was not great, between the three of us we had a great player. Me for length off the tee and irons, but can't putt. One lad crap off the tee (only plays with us once a year) but watch him putt. Two or sometimes only one putt from bl00dy anywhere it really got me down, (coz I was inside his putts that he sank, and I missed). Other one chipped and putted like a demon.

Hotel was cheap and cheerful with a buffet dinner, a choice of three things each night for main, so we had at least two

sounds great're really selling that break ...i can smelll the breakfast and lager etc etc from here lol !

It really was as good as it sounds. Our best golf trip in eight years of doing them